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Are you looking for Compact Construction Equipment (CCE) for your next job? Our team at Alban CAT has the best selection around for all of your CCE needs. When choosing construction equipment from other suppliers, you will likely discover that you usually have to compromise on certain features such as:

  • Size: Many competitors don’t offer the wide range of sizes we can offer you here at Alban CAT. Trying to use a large piece of equipment for a small job in a small space can be frustrating and slow, if not downright impossible.
  • Power: Some makes and models of CCE force you to sacrifice power with their compact models. Sure, the equipment can fit in tight spaces, but it doesn’t give you the power that Cat® does to get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Features: Just because you need a compact machine doesn’t mean you don’t want a wide range of features and tools. At Alban CAT, we give you the versatility and customization of our larger equipment in our compact range.
  • Value: Saving a bit on the purchase of a new piece of CCE way seem tempting, but the savings quickly evaporate if your machine doesn’t offer the speed, efficiency and durability of proven, high-quality Caterpillar® equipment.

Don’t let anyone tell you smaller equipment means you have to compromise on performance. When you choose Cat CCE equipment, you’re looking for distinct advantages over large equipment — and you won’t have to sacrifice performance or capability.

Compact Construction Equipment

Another great Alban CAT advantage is the size and scope of our operations. We have been in business for over 89 years, and we have the experience you need. Our trained experts know our Cat CCE equipment for sale inside and out, and we can help you make the right choice. We also have dozens of locations in and around Maryland, meaning we’re always close for sales, parts and service.
Sit down with us and tell us about your CCE needs. We can help you choose the right equipment, such as Skid Steers, Compact Track & Multi-Terrain Loaders, Mini-Hydraulic Excavators (MHEX) and Compact Wheel Loaders. They combine the traditional durability of Cat products with our leading-edge engineering and technology and will become valued additions to your construction business.

Treat your small jobs with big attention with the help of Alban CAT. Discover our range of Compact Construction Equipment today and custom build the tools you need to make your next job a breeze.

Compact Construction Equipment