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Industrial / OEM – Diesel & Gas Engines


CAT® Diesel Engines

No matter what kind of equipment you build, there’s a CAT® diesel engine to fit your needs. CAT® diesel engines cover the widest power range in the industry, from 10 to 6,598 bhp. Our 3600 Family of large-bore diesel engines offer heavy fuel capability.

CAT® Natural Gas Engines

CAT® gas engines fit a wide range of industrial applications. Gas engines carry ratings from 55-4 to 705 bhp.

As concern for air quality grows, so does the role of gas engines. Caterpillar developed its first gas engines more than 50 years ago and continues to lead with innovations that deliver high performance and fuel economy as well as clean emissions. Gas engines let you choose the most available or affordable gaseous fuel: natural gas, field gas, propane, landfill gas and digester gas all can be burned cleanly and efficiently.

All CAT® gas engines are based on rugged diesel engine frames. That means high reliability, low maintenance and repair costs, and long service life. Components such as blocks, crankshafts, heads, liners and connecting rods are also the same as those used in CAT® diesel engines.

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