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UPS MaintenanceUninterruptible Power Systems Units

At Alban Power Systems, we know the importance of quality continuous power to your operation. Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) provide reliable protection against power disturbance and saves you from lost productivity and business.

Whether supporting critical processes or defending servers from harmful power problems, our UPS systems will provide years of low maintenance protection. With reliable uninterruptible power systems at your disposal, you gain the confidence your business is prepared to maintain productivity and regulatory compliance in virtually any situation.

Our UPS models yield the lowest operating costs in the industry, providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Alban is standing beside you in your efforts to grow your business.

Types of Uninterruptible Power Systems or UPS Systems

Alban can supply several different types of cost-effective UPS models:

  • Non-Battery – Flywheel Type
  • Double Conversion Battery Type
  • Double Conversion Hybrid Flywheel/Battery Type

Businesses That Benefit From Using an UPS

  • Continuous process manufacturing such as pharmaceuticals and plastics.
  • Information Technology server centers, call centers and broadcast companies.
  • Critical care and emergency services.
  • Government services including transit and public utilities.
  • Financial and retail operations.
  • Any company that requires continuous power.

CAT Flywheel UPS UnitCAT Flywheel Exploded ViewCAT UPS Flywheel InstallationConversion Type Flywheel Type UPS

Alban can provide and maintain the CAT® Flywheel UPS which provides our highest efficiency continuous power solution up to 97% efficient, giving you reliable continuous transfer of power, and keep your mission critical systems running.

This UPS technology uses a power dense integrated flywheel, which stores sufficient energy to ride through power disturbances such as dips or surges in voltage and/or current.

The stored power is immediately available for delivery to a critical mission system during a power disturbance. This system provides ample ride-through time and allows for an orderly walk-in of the generator set to assume the load for the duration of the disturbance.

Flywheel UPS technology is environmentally friendly, posing no safety hazards to either your personnel or the environment, and has the smallest footprint for a UPS system

Why a CAT Flywheel UPS?

  • Continuous power transfer between utility and standby power.
  • Flywheel Technology gives a footprint two-thirds smaller than traditional battery units.
  • Has a 97% efficiency in power transferring.
  • Environmental friendly.

Flywheel UPS Units feature

  • Up to 75% smaller than a battery based UPS system.
  • 97% total system efficiency
  • Simple cost-effective installation
  • Modular, scalable, and redundant architecture
  • Low service and maintenance
  • Cost-effective lifecycle cost
  • Harmonic cancellation
  • Transient protection
  • High-speed voltage regulation
  • Power factor correction
  • Low input current distortion
  • Top and bottom cable entry
  • 40° C rating on entire system
  • Rapid recharge time
  • Utilizes flywheel energy storage technology
  • Color Touch-screen operator interface
  • Optional paralleling capability

CAT UPS Benefits
The integrated flywheel design is modular, supporting easy expansion to meet future power quality/power protection requirements.

The CAT® Flywheel UPS delivers lower operating costs due to several factors, including lower maintenance and replacement costs, the space savings associated with a reduced footprint.

Field-proven mechanical energy storage that is predictable and fail-safe, nearly unlimited life with no fall-off in performance and a broad operating temperature range.

CAT.COM Flywheel UPS Systems

Battery Monitoring

A Backup Battery can fail in less than two days. By knowing the health of your battery every day you can selectively replace only the failing cells, thereby saving money on battery replacement and maintenance.

Cellwatch Advantages

  • Daily Monitoring – all mission critical backup battery systems
  • Versatile Measuring Capability – can monitor 2-16 volt jars/monoblocs
  • Fiber Optic – eliminating high DC voltage exposure and battery ground faults
  • Modular Design – system configurations allow for easy expansion and reconfiguration
  • Minimal Test Load – uses an ultra light load to monitor performance
  • Accurate – eliminates false positives
  • Easy Interface – clear indication of batteries at risk of failure sent directly to you.

Cellwatch Battery Monitoring Diagram


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