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Alban CAT Rental Air Compressors

Keeping The Pressure On

Alban Rental Solutions has the largest and most modern fleet of air compressors in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We stock tier 4 compressors to meet the latest emission standards. with the capacity of 1800 cfm and now over 500 psi.

If you need large volumes of air, to paint a bridge, call us.

If you need high pressure air, for directional drilling, call us.

Whether you are drilling, hammering, or shooting fiber networks trust your compressed air needs with Alban Rental Solutions.

Instrument Quality Air Compressors

Up to 1800 cfm capacity after cooled and filtered if required, available engine driven or with an electric motor.

High Pressure Air Compressors

Up to 350 psig engine driven.

Oil Free Air Compressor

100% oil free air, after cooled and available engine driven or with electric motor.


Up to 3000 cfm refrigerated or desiccant.


Hoses, manifolds, valves & fittings.

* Most equipment can be connected in multiple units for larger projects.

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John Stubbs

John Stubbs