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Keeping your Fleet Connected & Working

Alban CAT EMSolutionsCat EM Services is a portfolio of technology-enabled Access level services that focus on providing customers with equipment management solutions using the inbuilt Product Link hardware, and the VisionLink software interface to manage the information gathered..

Using EM Services you can have a basic connection to your fleet’s electronic date to complete, proactive management of your equipment with a Customer Service Agreements tailored to your specific needs.

Cat EM Services is made up of five technology-based solutions:

  • Level 1: ACCESS
  • Level 2: INFORM
  • Level 3: ADVISE
  • Level 4: SUPPORT
  • Level 5: MANAGE


Level 1: ACCESS helps you manage your equipment fleet by utilizing Cat Product Link hardware and VisionLink reporting capabilities to show you where your equipment is and what it is doing in near real-time.

  • Track operator performance.
  • Get health and utilization data
  • Plan preventive maintenance and schedule repairs.

If Alban CAT performs your fluid analysis, your sample reports can be integrated for visibility.


Level 2: INFORM provides you with an automated monthly report containing health and utilization trends based on your fleet’s electronic information.

  • Receive key operator – induced fault codes.
  • Know your run vs idea time
  • Compare your fleet to others in the region.

Alban CAT is also available to provide additional consultation to determine root causes.


In Level 3: ADVISE, Alban CAT using the technology EM Services can provide you with expert analysis and recommendations that help you make better-informed decisions.

Alban CAT’s interpretation of event and diagnostic codes can also help identify where training is needed and improve operator performance.

By analyzing multiple data elements, including electronic data, equipment history, work site assessment and fluid analysis, We can provide you with valuable diagnostic and proactive maintenance suggestions.


Level 4: SUPPORT provides you with your choice of Customer Support Agreements (CSA), all designed to help you lower operating costs and increase equipment availability.

  • Improve equipment availability and lower operating costs.
  • Enhance equipment resale values.

Alban CAT Preventive Maintenance (PM) packages are part of your CSA, and are customized plans that cover machine safety and operational inspections, cover mixed fleets and are performed at your job site. This is how they breakdown.

  • Do It Yourself – You handle all maintenance we provide you timely part kits and instructional assistance.
  • Do It With Me – You split your maintenance with Alban CAT, you work on the machines and allow our CAT Trained Technicians to complete the larger more time consuming services.
  • Do It For Me – You allow Alban CAT take over the complete maintenance of your fleet, giving you the freedom to worry about the job, not your equipment


Level 5: MANAGE is a tailor made agreement between you and Alban CAT to perform total maintenance on all your equipment.

  • Reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime.
  • Ensure fixed operating and maintenance costs for better business planning.

Alban CAT takes the strain of being responsible for your equipment managements, allows you to focus on your business and not worry about your machines up-time.

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