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Posted on: September 24, 2019 1:05 pm

EX136-705 - 336 ExcavatorOver 20 Rental Return CAT® 336 Excavators have been priced at blow out rates for CAT-A-Thon! You can view some of the Excavators and pricing after the jump below and download our full equipment list on our CAT-A-Thon page here.

All Rental Return equipment for sale is low hour, quality maintained equipment from our Alban Rents Inventory.

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Equipment Number Sale Price Equipment Model Year
EX136-700 $175,000 CAT® 336EL MASS 2014
EX136-701 $194,000 CAT® 336FL CGC 2017
EX136-703 $203,000 CAT® 336FL 2017
EX136-704 $199,000 CAT® 336FL 2017
EX136-705 $225,000 CAT® 336FL 2017
EX136-800 $202,000 CAT® 336FL 2017
EX636-604 $197,500 CAT® 336EL HDC2 2014
EX636-605 $169,000 CAT® 336EL HDC2 2014
EX636-606 $197,000 CAT® 336EL HDC2 2014
EX636-608 $199,500 CAT® 336FL XE 2015
EX636-609 $292,000 CAT® 336FL XE 2015
EX636-700 $221,000 CAT® 336FL TC 2017
EX636-701 $197,800 CAT® 336FL TC 2017
EX636-702 $225,900 CAT® 336FL TC 2017
EX636-703 $215,000 CAT® 336FL HTC 2014
EX636-704 $230,000 CAT® 336FL TC 2016
EX636-707 $201,000 CAT® 336FL TC 2017
EX636-708 $229,000 CAT® 336FL TC 2016
EX636-800 $264,000 CAT® 336FL TC 2018
EX1361900 $298,000 CAT® 336EL 2014
EX1361901 $247,000 CAT® 336FL 2018
EX1361902 $245,000 CAT® 336FL 2016
Please note all equipment listed in the Alban Rents Rental Sales List are subject to availability.
To confirm equipment availability please call Ray Wittelsberger on 443-864-0023 or Alban Rents VP Rob Miller on 301-674-2696

CAT-A-Thon Equipment List


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