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Posted on: September 6, 2018 5:47 pm

Alban CAT Power Systems Rental #SafetySunday Fire DrillHere at Alban CAT, safety is more than just a requirement; it’s one of our values. Employees at Alban make a personal commitment to ensure a safe working environment. One way that the company regularly stresses safety is through our monthly safety meetings. However, our Elkridge facility recently took their safety training one step further.

Elkridge staff filing back into the building after the building was cleared Elkridge staff at two of the three assembly points in the front of the building during the fire drill Elkridge staff at two of the three assembly points in the front of the building during the fire drillUnbeknownst to the staff, at 10am on August 6th, the fire alarm at the Elkridge facility started ringing. The staff with puzzled looks on their face started filing outside wondering what was happening. After assembling at their three meeting points in the front parking lot, each Fire Chief took attendance to ensure that everyone had left the building. After 15 minutes the building was cleared of a fire and the staff was allowed to re-enter.

Elkridge uses their fire drills as a way to determine what training the staff might still need. John Stubbs, Rental Manager & the organizer of the drill said, “Today’s fire drill was a learning opportunity. Today we learned that response times were slow, the new Fire Chiefs were a little unaware and one team went to the wrong assembly point.” By determining what training the staff needs, the managers of the facility can address potential problems before a case of a real emergency.

Just another way Alban CAT Power Systems is living by our values.

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