Posted on: August 15, 2018 6:16 pm

Kingsman Island Bluegrass & Folk FestivalKingsman Island Bluegrass & Folk FestivalOn Saturday, June 9th The Kingsman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival returned to DC for the 9th year. The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness of the island and its availability to people as a public park. Located on the Anacostia River, one unique feature to this festival is its zero waste philosophy.

While outside food and drink is allowed onto the island, one-time use containers such as plastic bottles and Styrofoam are not. Attendees must instead bring their own reusable water bottles and food containers. With the motto “Don’t Lose It – Reuse It”, the event created less than 20 bags of trash throughout the entire island.

The festival which started out as only one stage, a handful of acts and several dozen people in attendance has now grown to 8 stages, 40 bands and over 10,000 attendees, many of which travel from around the country. When it came time to decide how to power the festival, Living Classrooms called upon Alban Rental Solutions & Dan Hughes. Under the ‘Guitar Sponsor’, Jamie Alban donated 3 60kW and 4 30kW generators along with a free standing spider box, 10 quadboxes and 2,625 feet of cable to help power the event. As the Rental Sales Representative, Dan sized, speced and installed the equipment. The Bluegrass & Folk Festival sent over the photos below of our equipment hard at work.

For more information contact your Alban Equipment Rep, or call 1.888.492.6337 or use the contact form below .

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