Posted on: August 21, 2017 9:36 am

The Eclipse 2017 On Alban CATDuring the Eclipse, Alban CAT recommends the following safety tips

  1. Do not stare directly at the Eclipse unless you have the special glasses, sunglasses no matter the polarization will not protect your eyes from harm.
  2. Conditions during the Eclipse will be twilight to darkness depending on your location
  3. If it can be avoided do not drive or operate heavy equipment during the event
  4. If you have to drive or operate heavy equipment, keep your sun visors down, wear sunglasses, avoid looking, and if possible driving, directly towards the Eclipse
  5. Avoid using your phone/mobile device to take a picture, the increased brightness of the sun will damage your lens
  6. To safely view the Eclipse during the event, use a non-glass surface like a car hood and watch the reflection. Or view the live stream on the NASA Live Eclipse Live Stream website

In our Territory we will experience an 80 to 85% totality, be safe, be smart and enjoy the Eclipse, the next one won’t come around until 2024.

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