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Alban CAT Power System Amp ChartAmp Chart

Amperage is a measure of the electrical current flowing through a circuit. Current is measured in amperes or “amps” having an amp chart around to aid conversion is a handy thing to have.

You can download the Alban kW to kVA to Amps Chart below.

Amp Chart

Rental Power

When you rent power equipment from us, you benefit from:

  • The best selection of power rental equipment in the region
  • A complete range of power accessories
  • Industry-leading product knowledge and support
  • 24/7/365 emergency service
  • No extra charges or hidden fees.


Whether you are picking up a generator to tow over and connect to your job trailer, or need a temporary power plant designed and installed – turnkey. Alban Rental Solutions have you covered. If rapid response, 24/7/365 service is important to you, give us a call.

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Alban Rental Solutions Call 24/7/365 Toll Free : 800-443-9813
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Up to 400 kW, self-contained package, sound attenuated enclosure, double walled fuel tank, easy to use controls, convenience outlets, mounted on a trailer.

450 to 2000 kW, self-contained in a sound attenuated ISO container, double walled fuel tank, easy to use controls, mounted on a chassis. 800 kW and above have utility compatible paralleling capabilities.

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Up to 1600 amp, NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure with camlock connections.

Up to 4000 amp, NEMA 3R waterproof enclosure, with easily accessible buss.


Up to 3000 amp, wide range of breaker panels, breaker disconnects, spider boxes, quad boxes and extension cords.


100 kW suitcase loadbanks, which can be networked and are easy to carry for rooftop applications

Up to 1300 kW resistive type, trailer mounted

Up to 2640 kW resistive/reactive mounted on a drop deck.


Up to 2500 kVA oil filled, multi-tap suitable for outdoor use.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Up to 900 kVA rotary units, packaged in an ISO container, air conditioning, ATS’s for critical and non-critical loads, mounted on a drop deck or chassis.


Cable, cable ramps, tails, external fuel tanks, fuel service.

* Most equipment can be connected in multiple units for larger projects.
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