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The CAT® 'Traxcavator' 933 Track LoaderLoad, carry, dig, push… Tough jobs, rough ground and tight spaces is what the CAT® Track Loader was designed for. This versatile, highly maneuverable machine can be set up in a number of different configurations to meet the needs and performance requirements of any jobsite application. But, did you know the Track Loader has a long history with Caterpillar machines?

It all started back in 1922, Trackson Company of Milwaukee, Winconsin, started to build tracked attachments, and they found early success with their attachments on tractors used for road grading and on poor ground conditions.

In 1936, Trackson designed a cable lift shovel to be fitted on the Caterpillar Thirty Track-Type Tractor, and in 1938 revised the system calling it the T4 and fitting it on the Caterpillar D4. Over the next three years, four more shovel designs were made to fit the entire Caterpillar range, called the T-Series (T2, T4, T6 and T7). The Tractor models were modified specifically for the Trackson shovel by fitting a longer track-frame for a better load bearing stability, and in the mid-40’s, the name ‘Traxcavator’ was coined for these cable shovel machines.

Trackson didn’t stop at just the lift shovel, they designed pipelayer attachments for Caterpillar tractors and truck mounted cranes/shovels.

A collaboration between Caterpillar and Trackson Engineers in 1948 saw the development of the HT4 Trackson Hydradulic shovel, this shovel-loader design was intergrated with the D4 Track-Type Tractor and was caleld the HT4 – selling alongside the cable Traxacavators until the cable models were phased out in 1952 when the No.6 Caterpillar shovels was announced.

Then in December 1951, Caterpillar purchased the Trackson company, and the traxcavator, and the HT4 became the Caterpillar Traxcavator. This model sold until 1955, when the all-new purpose build Track Loaders 933. 955 and 977 were manufactured, the first generation of what was going to become one of Caterpillars most versatile machines. ‘Traxcavator’ became a registered brand name for Caterpillar and is still a term used to describe the Track Loader today.

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