Posted on: December 13, 2018 2:16 pm

Caterpillar No.6 Shovel

The Caterpillar® No. 6 Shovel, was the first integrated track loader built by Caterpillar in 1952 based off the CAT® Diesel Sixty Track-type tractor body with an hydraulic shovel integrated into the body.

The No.6 Shovel was the forerunner to the legendary Track Loader, and was in production from 1953 through 1955, when the 933, 955 and 977 were introduced, phasing out the No.6.

No. 6 Shovel Manual

The No.6 Shovel manual was found in an Antique Shop in Lancaster PA, and it is an amazing glimpse into Caterpillars past, in many ways the technical manual hasn’t changed that much in the intervening 65 years.

Track Loaders

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