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Rental Power Systems Gas Or Electric?You may have noticed that Alban offers both gas and electric heaters in our Rental Department. So what’s the difference? Electric heaters convert electrical energy into heat via a resistive bank of coils, while gas heaters burn fuel such as propane or natural gas to provide the heat.

Here is a chart that outlines the benefits and features to consider between both electric and gas heaters.

Benefits Features To Consider
  • Offers high energy efficiency
  • Can be used in enclosed areas
  • Requires no venting
  • Safest option for portable heating
  • Typically costs more to operate than gas units
  • Requires a specific receptacle or circuit and heavy cabling
  • Doesn’t provide heat during power outages
  •  May cost significantly less to operate than electric
  • Offers greater portability
  • Can function during power outages
  • Heats up quickly
  •  Requires adequate ventilation
  • Should only be used in open areas
  • Can create noise when gas flows and ignites

Now that you know the differences between the two, let’s dive a little bit deeper into gas heaters. There are two types of gas units: direct and indirect. Direct and indirect fired heaters are used for specific applications.

Direct fired gas heaters are often not for indoor use because they can introduce harmful gases like carbon monoxide and reduce the amount of oxygen in the area. Direct fired heaters should be used in large spaces like industrial areas, construction sites, and outdoor applications, where there is a significant amount of ventilation or leakage of outside fresh air that is constantly being introduced into the heated space, as a buildup of carbon monoxide could occur and potentially be lethal.

An indirect heater is typically used in a work space that is tightly sealed and lacks a working heating system. With propane or natural gas heating units, the flame is contained in a burn chamber which heats a “heat exchanger”. The cooler air passes over and around the heat exchanger, thus heating the air and the exhaust from combustion exits through another passage, similar to a chimney on a home.

While it may be confusing to understand, the best thing for you to do is contact your local Alban Rental Solutions Sales Rep. We can help you figure out the best product for your specific project.

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