Posted on: January 22, 2019 7:28 pm

Alban CAT Motorgrader clearing snow

Alban CAT has tons of equipment that’s ideal for this season, Skid Steers, Wheel Loaders and even Backhoes are very popular snow clearing machines in our territory. They’re built tough to withstand severe weather conditions, yet deliver the speed and power you need to cover long stretches of road—quickly and cost effectively.

Have you ever considered using a Motor grader?

These CAT® machines are used a lot in the midwest and are efficient snow removal machines, able to push a plow and use their grading tool as an effective snow scraper, you are double plowing with one pass – which greatly increases the efficiency of your work. As with all machines the tool you use is just as critical. Three types of tools are available for CAT® Motor Graders: plows, blades and wings. Take a quick look at each option.


Cat V-plows are ideal for pioneering—taking that first cut after a heavy snow. The V profile blasts through deep drifts, casting snow to both sides, clearing the way for drivers. Key features:

  • Multiple widths (8’8” and 10’10”) accommodate a range of graders
  • Strong tubular frames withstand heavy impacts, even when working in hard-packed snow
  • Replaceable top-drilled cutting edges allow 60-inch bench height
  • Adjustable skid shoes increase plow stability and service life
  • Optional carbide cutting edges maximize durability
  • Alban also services cutting edges to keep your plows up and running.


Cat snow blades are the epitome of versatility. They incorporate a flexible U/V design that allows you to plow, push, cast or carry snow with a single tool. The operator selects one of three configurations based on the situation at hand:

  • When casting is required, the blade can be angled left or right up to 25°
  • When punching through deep drifts, a 230® V-configuration makes the job easier
  • For pushing, carrying, piling or general clearing, the 130° U-configuration makes the most sense

It’s easy to choose a configuration on the fly—from the cab—so the operator stays productive when conditions change. Like Cat snow plows, our blades feature multiple widths, rugged structures, replaceable cutting edges and adjustable skid shoes.


Cat snow wings for motor graders are available in mastless and masted designs. Mastless options are good for clearing and benching drifted snow, especially on shoulders and ramps. They come in 40” and 48” bench heights to accommodate different-sized graders. Key features:

  • Easy to control on uneven terrain
  • Wide sweep angle improves maneuverability
  • Clear views to moldboard and wing enhance safety
  • Unobstructed access to cab improves comfort and productivity
  • Two-piece rear mount allows bumper to remain in place during summer months, reducing service time
  • Optional carbide cutting edges extend service life

The masted design excels at clearing and throwing deeply drifted snow. It features a 60” bench height and below-grade ditch-cleaning capabilities for excellent versatility. The wing is:

  • Highly maneuverable with full left and right articulation, regardless of moldboard position
  • Easy to control from the cab
  • Ideal for ice removal

Are you winter-ready?

There are a lot of factors to consider when equipping a motor grader for snow removal. Read about them here. Then contact Alban to discuss your options. We’ll help you choose a tool that represents the best use of your limited resources—one that allows you to meet the public’s high expectations for quick, efficient snow removal at the lowest total cost.

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