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Product Support SOS Sampling

Are you interested in saving hundreds – even thousands – in owning and operating costs by preventing unexpected failures and unplanned downtime? Let S•O•SSM Services reduce your owning and operating costs by leveraging our Caterpillar branded proprietary process that turns fluids analysis data into valuable information.

Similar to going to the doctor for a routine checkup, S•O•S Services offers the largest OEM in-house fluid sampling capabilities and uses the latest technology to assess whether your equipment is at risk for potential failure. Alban Power Systems provides expert advice and performs any actions needed, all while having the backing and support of Caterpillar scientists and engineers.

New To Fluid Sampling?

Are you new to fluid sampling or a seasoned pro? Do you use Cat® fluids or another brand? Are you a do-it-yourself type or do you prefer to let your Cat dealer handle the work? Whatever your situation, you’ll find that Cat® S·O·SSM Services can improve the health of your Power Systems equipment—and your bottom line. We provide full testing options for oil, coolant and diesel fuel samples.

Oil Sampling

Our comprehensive analysis of your lubricated systems—engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, differentials, gear boxes and compressors—spots early signs of damaging wear metals. It also identifies contaminants like water, fuel, glycol or dirt that can hamper performance. We check the condition of your oil and provide an overall particle analysis.

Coolant Sampling

Don’t overlook the condition of coolant—the damage caused by overheating is hard to forget. Our tests determine if your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum protection and cooling efficiency. We assess correct usage, condition, adequate freeze/boil protection and contamination. Choose from two levels of coolant testing: one that checks routine characteristics and another that provides more in-depth analysis.

Diesel Fuel Sampling

Poor quality fuel can affect how your equipment performs. It can lead to abnormal wear of components, valves, valve guides, piston rings and more—and drive up maintenance and operating costs. Our fuel testing program checks for acceptable quality, microbial growth, contamination and appropriate usage.

Routine Fluid Analysis Helps…

  1. Avoid costly failures – Allowing an issue to go to failure will increase your repair costs by double, triple, or more. Using expert recommendations, you can adjust or replace a single part—preventing a small problem from becoming a major repair. Save yourself time, money, and undo stress by leveraging a program that is designed to help you be successful.
  2. Be more productive & profitable – Expert fluid analysis helps you manage overall equipment health, thus reducing owning and operating costs. Get the most use out of replaceable components by knowing exactly when they need to be changed, and build a service history that can improve resale value when it’s time to upgrade.
  3. Shorten repair time – When you track what’s going on “behind the scenes”—like component wear and oil performance—you can predict problems and schedule accordingly. Since you and your Cat dealer are working as a team to manage your equipment, you’ll know parts and shop time are readily available.

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CAT® SOS Services

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