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Tips for Buying New Construction Equipment

You want your project to turn out flawlessly. Whether you are landscaping, paving or working on any job site that needs heavy equipment, you should use new construction equipment. If you aren’t sure how a new machine will make a difference, read on to see tips for buying new construction equipment. From the benefits of new construction equipment to tips on maintaining new machines, consider this your complete new equipment buyers guide.

Benefits of New Construction Equipment

Before you learn construction equipment buying tips, you need to know the benefits of buying new. When you use new machinery, you’ll see a difference from used equipment. Used machinery does cost less at first, but in the long run, you may save money with new products. Reliable dealers offer tested used equipment, but if you want the best of the best, pick from new options. Advantages of new construction equipment include:

  1. Guaranteed condition: New machinery comes with an implied guarantee that it is a high-quality product. You won’t have to hope or guess that your equipment will come in great condition when you purchase new.
  2. Less maintenance: Buying new equipment means you’ll have fewer surprise maintenance needs. You will need to maintain your new machinery over time, but not as often as you would with used equipment.
  3. Newest technology: When you purchase new construction equipment, you’re getting the updated edition. Like a new model of car with the latest features, construction equipment improves over time. The latest technology will make your equipment safer and easier to operate.
  4. More options: Selecting from new construction equipment gives you an array of options. If you want to buy used equipment, availability limits your options since you select from what others are selling. With new machinery, you have more freedom as you choose new attachments and features.
  5. Improved safety: Many of the above benefits of new construction equipment create a safer machine. Great condition and recent technology will minimize the potential for on-site accidents caused by outdated or damaged machines.
  6. Productivity and speed boost: In addition to being safer, you will get more done with new equipment. Updated machinery helps you meet your needs, and having new, specialized equipment on-site will let you complete specific tasks or more projects. You will get more done faster with the superior technology and power that come with new machinery.
  7. A return on your investment: Care for your new equipment so you can see a return on the investment when the time comes to sell. Well-maintained heavy equipment may make you a profit upon selling.
  8. Full warranties: When buying new, a dealer may provide a full warranty on your machinery. Protect yourself and your construction equipment from any future damage with an extensive warranty.

Choosing used equipment can come with its advantages, but the benefits of new construction equipment can improve your operations. You can complete and take on more projects with efficient, new machinery — if you make the right selections.

Tips for Buying New Heavy Equipment

Tips for Buying New Heavy Equipment

Buying new machinery doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Some general new equipment buying tips will help you sort out your needs. As you get ready to purchase machinery, consider:

  • Your project’s needs
  • How you’d use the equipment in the future
  • If you need any attachments
  • Your budget, including the machine and attachments
  • If you need many pieces of heavy equipment
  • How much storage you have for new machinery

These factors can help narrow down your choices. You’ll know what price range works for you and what type of machinery you need. To improve your decisions, keep these tips for buying new construction equipment in mind:

  1. Choose useful technology: The appeal of updated technology may draw you into purchasing new equipment. Only choose technologically advanced options if they will suit your needs. If you don’t need the latest upgrades, you can still get new heavy equipment without every technological update. You may even save on the final cost with those options.
  2. Choose a reputable manufacturer: Better-made equipment will last longer, work better and maintain its value over time. Dependable manufacturers — like Caterpillar® — also have more qualified technicians. It will be easier to get your machinery serviced and repaired if you select a high-quality manufacturer.
  3. Research the dealer: The manufacturer and the dealer should both be reputable. It is essential to research the equipment dealer before buying used equipment, but it’s just as vital when buying new. Find a knowledgeable dealer willing to answer any of your questions.
  4. Plan and purchase ahead: If you’re placing a special order for a new piece of equipment, budget enough time for production and delivery. Some equipment won’t require a wait if the dealer has it already, so be sure to plan accordingly.
  5. Go with a popular model: When your industry favors a particular equipment model, consider that variety. The machinery may be more useful or reliable for your work. It will also be easier to replace or repair any parts down the line. A popular model will likely have replacement or compatible parts on the market for some time.
  6. Get the proper documents: This may be a given, but saving the proper sale documents will make resale easier. Be sure the dealer gives you the appropriate papers, and keep them in a safe place.
  7. Select equipment that will suit present and future needs: Think about the demands of your industry. Since certain industries use a variety of equipment, research what you’ll use the most. You’ll invest more in new equipment, so choose machinery you’ll use now and in the future.
  8. Note the size of your average project site: While you will be more productive with larger machinery, remember how much space you have. It is unsafe to crowd a worksite with large equipment. Since you may save money with smaller construction equipment, it could be a safer and more cost-effective choice.
  9. Factor in the conditions of your average site: Every worksite is different. Depending on your industry, you may work more often in urban areas versus rural terrain. Consider wheeled machinery for hard surfaces in an urban setting. If you work in muddy, sandy or other similar conditions, opt for construction equipment with tracks.
  10. Take a test run: If you’re looking at new equipment on the market but aren’t sure if you want to buy, rent it first. Renting machinery lets you experience what you’d like to buy before you buy it.

Once you research and evaluate what you need for your business, visit a dealer to examine the equipment. While it is good practice to inspect used machinery before purchasing, it doesn’t hurt to take a closer look at new machines. Be sure to examine the:

  1. Cab: The setup of where you or your workers sit impacts productivity. Ensure that the seat is comfortable and that the controls are easy to reach. A well-constructed cab makes you and your workers more productive.
  2. Tires or tracks: Get a closer look at the treads of the machinery. Just because the equipment is new doesn’t mean it hasn’t been outside for a bit. Any cracks or other damage to the tires could mean the equipment was left out for a while. When purchasing from a reputable dealer, you shouldn’t have a problem with products being mishandled.
  3. Engine: Start the new machinery to check for any issues. While there shouldn’t be any odd sounds with new equipment, it’s always best to check. Put the machine into reverse to check the gears, as well.
  4. Frame: Examine the metal frame of the equipment. When purchasing used machinery, you’d check for rust or other structural damage. You shouldn’t see any of that with new heavy equipment.

Evaluating your needs and inspecting what you’d like to purchase are among the essential tips for buying new heavy equipment. Once you get your new machine, it’s also crucial to care for it.

How to Maintain the Value of Your New Equipment

How to Maintain the Value of Your New Equipment

It is as vital to select the proper equipment as it is to maintain it. Properly maintaining your equipment can help you:

  • Avoid significant depreciation
  • Maintain the resell value
  • Ensure your equipment lasts a while for your use

To get those benefits and avoid any mistreatment of your equipment, remember to:

  1. Store construction equipment inside: Keep machinery indoors to protect it from any type of weather. Rain or snow along with extreme heat and cold will impact how your machinery functions.
  2. Service your machinery regularly: Regular maintenance will keep your construction equipment looking and functioning like new. Catch minor problems before they become major issues with preventative care.
  3. Work with reputable repair services: Only take your equipment to knowledgeable and experienced mechanics. Choose a company that sells or works with the brand of equipment you buy. They’ll know how to service your heavy equipment properly.
  4. Keep accurate service records: If you ever resell your machinery, you should provide service records to the buyer. Having a detailed account of any maintenance and repairs will add to the value of your machinery when reselling.
  5. Use the machinery for its intended purpose: One of the great benefits of choosing new equipment is that you can pick what suits your needs. You shouldn’t use construction equipment for anything other than its intended purpose. Mishandling equipment leads to safety concerns, and it can damage your machinery.
  6. Touch up the exterior before selling: If you do sell your equipment down the line, make it look good as new. Invest in refurbishing services or have the exterior cleaned and repainted. Cosmetic maintenance when reselling machinery is almost as essential as mechanical care when it comes to the value.
  7. Treat the interior as well as the exterior: The cab may serve more of a purpose for comfort, but the condition of the cab says a lot about the rest of the machine. Get a durable seat cover that protects the interior from sharp tools and stains.
  8. Perform a daily walkaround before use: Using equipment before examining it could lead to safety or mechanical problems. Conduct a walkaround inspection of your machinery or instruct workers on how to do so before use.
  9. Know when to replace or rotate tires: Wheel varieties of construction equipment need proper care to function. Learn when to spot signs of tires that need replacing and rotate your tires when necessary. Even track machinery needs similar attention. Replacing tracks or wheels when needed can save your equipment from damage.

Taking care of your new equipment will help it last for many projects to come and keep you and your workers safe. Buy with a dependable brand to help guarantee the longevity of your equipment.

Why You Should Buy New Cat® Construction Equipment

Why You Should Buy New Cat® Construction Equipment

For the best experience when buying new machinery, you should choose the superior Caterpillar brand. Caterpillar frequently ranks among the leading manufacturers of construction equipment because of their:

  • Trusted equipment
  • Well-known name
  • Use for residential and industrial projects alike
  • Variety of wheeled and tracked machinery

Narrow your options to new Cat machinery for the best selection. Consider the tips above to be your guide to buying new Cat equipment. Choose Caterpillar for a range of models that work for different industries. Why buy new construction equipment if it won’t suit your needs? Cat construction equipment for almost any task includes:

  1. Dozers: With wheel dozers and tracked dozers available, Caterpillar offers something for jobs on any site condition. If your project involves earth-moving, mining or road maintenance, you’ll need a high-quality dozer. Any job site could benefit from a dozer regardless of the industry since you’ll have to clean up at the end of the project. A Cat dozer is perfect for wrapping up a project and cleaning a site.
  2. Excavators: Available in wheel and track varieties, Cat excavators offer high mobility, power and reliability for all your needs. Whether your job is large or small, a Cat excavator is the right choice. Excavating can be a slow job, but with Caterpillar, you’ll see an increase in productivity.
  3. Loaders: Caterpillar offers a range of loader machinery for different purposes and job sites. Choose a backhoe loader if you need a multi-tasker on your site. Cat backhoe loaders feature wider reach and maximum pushing power. Wheel loaders provide mobility on solid surfaces and a lot of power, especially if you’re moving heavy materials like gravel, dirt or sand. Consider a Cat wheel loader for those tougher jobs. Cat track loaders offer similar power with more mobility on tough ground.

The machines above are perfect for different jobs, but specific projects may require particular machinery. Caterpillar offers equipment ideal for industries that have specific requirements. The selection includes:

  1. Pavers: New Cat pavers feature high horsepower and mobility. With an included ventilation system, you or your workers will be comfortable operating this asphalt paver.
  2. Articulated trucks: Perfect for mining and construction sites, Cat articulated trucks allow you to move loose materials. Efficiently transport materials that previously would have required dedicated time and effort.
  3. Compactors: Cat compactors work with the same power and reliability you’d expect from Caterpillar. Compactors work great for landfills and sites compacting soil or other materials.

No matter what type of equipment you need, remember the advice you’ve seen in this new equipment buyers guide. When it’s time to make a selection, see what Caterpillar has to offer.

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