Posted on: January 22, 2018 6:59 pm

Alban CAT Heavy Construction EquipmentOne of our core values here at Alban CAT is safety, which is also the most important factor on any jobsite. In our ongoing mission to promote this value, we have listed the top 10 OSHA safety tips to operating and handling your heavy equipment.

General Heavy Equipment Operation (Applicable To All Heavy Equipment)

Key Engineering Controls & Work Practices

  1. All vehicles must have:
    a. A service brake system, an emergency brake system, and a
    parking brake system
    b. Working headlights, tail lights, and brake lights
    c. An audible warning device (horn)
    d. Intact windshield with working windshield wipers
  2. Ensure that all operators have been trained on the equipment they will use
  3. Check vehicles at the beginning of each shift to ensure that the parts, equipment, and accessories are in safe operating condition. Repair or replace any defective parts or equipment prior to use
  4. Do not operate vehicle in reverse with an obstructed rear view unless it has a reverse signal alarm capable of being heard above ambient noise levels or a signal observer indicates that it is safe to move
  5. Vehicles loaded from the top (e.g., dump trucks) must have cab shields or canopies to protect the operator while loading
  6. Ensure that vehicles used to transport workers have seats, with operable seat belts, firmly secured and adequate for the number of workers to be carried
  7. Equipment should have roll-over protection and protection from falling debris hazards as needed
  8. Prior to permitting construction equipment or vehicles onto an access roadway or grade, verify that the roadway or grade is constructed and maintained to safely accommodate the equipment and vehicles involved
  9. Do not modify the equipment’s capacity or safety features without the manufacturer’s written approval
  10. Where possible, do not allow debris collection work or other operations involving heavy equipment under overhead line

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Earthmoving Equipment

Source: OSHA Safety and Health Information Heavy Equipment and Powered Industrial Truck Use Hurricane eMatrix.
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