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Alban CAT Gas to Energy GenerationDid you know that with the help of a CAT gas generator set you can convert biogas to clean energy?

Byproduct gases from agricultural, food processing, and industrial processes are captured to fuel Cat® low-energy fuel generators. These generators are engineered to handle fuel with variations in methane content typical of biogas operations. And the energy you generate is nearly free power for your facility.

Durable and reliable biogas can yield significant long-range savings, in addition to being environmentally responsible. By tapping into biogas resources with proven Caterpillar technology, many industries can:

  • Reduce carbon emissions through the destruction of naturally occurring methane
  • Reclaim valuable land space normally used for purifying organic wastewater
  • Eliminate odor and pest issues that are caused by the decomposition of organic material

Learn how Bowerman Landfill in California used seven CAT generators to produce 22MW of electricity by reading the Power Profile below.

The F.R. Bowerman Landfill is one of the largest in the United States. Located in Orange County, California, it contains an estimated 31 million tons of waste. Decomposing solid landfill waste produces high amounts of methane gas that can potentially affect global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, sea level rise, and have a negative impact on biodiversity. In order to better manage and reuse this onsite waste, Montauk Energy worked with their Cat® dealer, Cleveland Brothers, to develop and commission a 113,000 sq. ft. renewable energy power plant to generate electrical power by capturing and conditioning the landfill gas. Seven Cat CG260 generator sets with reciprocating engines were supplied to create 22 MW of electricity. By selecting the large-scale CG260 generator sets, they ultimately required fewer units, lowering installation and maintenance costs.

Due to the strict emission standards in California, the supplied generator sets feature technology designed to help the operation meet all local, state, and federal air quality requirements. A fuel cleanup system treats the landfill gas to ensure it stays within acceptable limits of the engines, while selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and oxidation catalyst units were installed on each engine exhaust system to specifically reduce NOX, CO2 and VOC emissions.

“Beyond this essential balance-of-plant equipment, the generator sets are also 
built with drop-over enclosures to dampen noise. It was important to reduce the noise impact on nearby residential neighborhoods,” added Kurt Hertzler of Cleveland Brothers. “The enclosures also allowed us to create a very compact site, which helped. Although the landfill is vast, the space for equipment is actually quite limited.”

“We’ve had successful gas energy landfill projects in Texas and Oklahoma, but this project was unique not only for its immense size but also for the strict emission requirements in place in California,” said Dave Herrman, CEO and President of Montauk Energy.”

The seven Cat generator sets add 160,000 megawatt hours annually to put into the grid, which is enough energy to power 26,000 homes. In addition, the generator sets and associated emission controls prevent approximately 53,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

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