Posted on: October 5, 2017 1:13 pm

Rental A Day In The LifeMeet Roger. Roger is a Rental Coordinator at Alban CAT Power Systems. What does that mean? Roger is the person that makes sure that we have the equipment that you need, when you need it. So what happens when a big storm comes in, here’s Roger’s week after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

Monday: Alban was closed on Monday for Labor Day. After hearing about the storms, Roger canceled his vacation (thanks to his wife – Rhonda), because she knew that he would just spend the time worrying. Roger and all the Rental technicians are resting up at home for the long week ahead.

Tuesday: The phones are ringing, the emails are pouring in and Roger has suddenly become pretty busy. Today alone, we took orders for 33 units of equipment. That’s more than we typically do an entire week! But don’t worry, everyone was calm and Roger was smiling. It’s not just Roger who’s busy at work, the rental technicians are getting everything inspected and ready for rent. After a 13 ½ hour day, it’s time for Roger to head home.

Wednesday: Trucks are starting to fill up the Rental yard. Phones are still ringing and Roger is tasked with figuring out what we still have in inventory and what can we rented. Today we rented another 14 units to go out and the backlog is increasing steadily… Roger’s smile is starting to fade. The day was long, but after 15 ½ hours behind the desk, Roger is heading home.

Thursday: We’re back on track, today we rented another 26 units! Trucks are coming in and out of the yard all day long picking up equipment. Our Rental technicians are busy checking in equipment, running inspections, getting everything cleaned up to the Alban standard and getting it back out on the road. Oh and in case you were wondering, Roger has his smile back.

Friday: The yard is so busy you can’t even drive around because of the amount of trucks coming in and out. 4 more orders came in today. We are down to 1 only generator and the nearest CAT dealer with any sort of iron is 600 miles away and even they have slim pickings. There is a strange calm in the afternoon as the week comes to a close. Oh, but Irma is coming to town, time to start again.

Alban Rental Solutions rented 77 units this week, with 60 of them going to the Gulf to help with Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief. A typical rental week consists of 20 units, so Alban outperformed a normal week by almost 4 times. Roger and the Rental Team had their work cut out for them, but followed the Rental Solutions slogan and overcame adversity to get the job done.

In case you were wondering about Roger, Roger’s still smiling and ready to help you!

From A Week In The Life Of Rental by Marissa Horsey

Whether you are looking for power, temperature control, air or pumps Roger’s got your back. Give him a call at 443-677-1614 or email him If you’re looking for more information about Power Systems Rental, visit us at


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