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Alban CAT CSA Agreements

What Is A Customer Support Agreement?

A Customer Support Agreement (CSA) is any arrangement between you and Alban CAT that helps you lower your cost per unit of production. Agreements are tailored to fit your business needs and can range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Maintenance Guarantees. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that Alban CAT will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you succeed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Customer Support Agreement?

  • Agreement flexibility – adapt to level of support to meet your requirements
  • All maintenance parts and tools – Cat maintenance parts/tools for routine services
  • Accurate, professional testing – Caterpillar trained technicians have the knowledge, and technology, to check your equipment
  • Early warning – advanced diagnostics to identify problems and schedule repairs
  • Plan ahead with greater confidence – improved reliability enables tighter scheduling of maintenance intervals
  • Increased uptime – engines run longer and more efficiently, improving profitability

Alban CAT CSA Agreements

You’ll Also Have Flexibility In The Payment Structure Of Your CSA

  • Prepaid (paid in full or financed at the time of machine purchase)
  • Monthly (TM&R only)
  • Time of Service, pay-as-you-go
  • And you won’t be locked-in to a long-term agreement. You can modify or cancel your CSA at any time simply by giving us a 30-day notice.

Difference Between Extended Service Coverage (ESC) And A Customer Service Agreement (CSA)

  • ESC offers protection against unexpected repair bills and a hedge against rising parts and labor costs by providing parts and labor reimbursement for covered components, less any applicable deductible. Caterpillar’s global service network ensures access to prompt, quality repairs by trained technicians. The broad range of coverage options, which can be customized to suit your individual needs, combined with simple pricing terms provides confidence and peace of mind in your engine’s performance today and tomorrow.
  • CSA cover many aspects of inspection, maintenance and repair. These highly flexible agreements can range from scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance to before-failure overhauls. The services you include in your CSA will depend on your equipment and the technical capabilities of your crew – factors we will carefully analyze with you before an agreement is proposed. Every CSA has one primary goal: to save you valuable time and money.

Types Of CSA’s

  • Total Maintenance & Repair: We handle repairs and all planned maintenance.
  • Planned Maintenance: Whether you operate one machine or a whole fleet, this flexible and comprehensive service plan

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