Posted on: March 22, 2019 2:50 pm

Alban CAT Microgrid

MicroGrid systems are a hot topic item right now. With so many to choose from, what sets Alban’s system apart from the rest?

  • CAT® PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR MODULES: Powered by advanced thin-film solar modules that are setting the industry benchmark with improved performance over conventional silicon solar panels, the Cat® Microgrid system offers: superior performance, robust modules and a scalable, compatible and easy to install system.
  • COMPLETE CONTROL WITH OUR MICROGRID MASTER CONTROLLER & CAT CONNECT: The MMC manages every source in the entire Cat® MicroGrid system, including main-grid when connected, keeping loads energized all the time, with high quality power at the lowest cost. Cat® Connect helps you track and manage the operation of a MicroGrid system, confirm desired cost savings, flag potential problems, perform remote troubleshooting, and identify opportunities for further operational or system enhancement.
  • ENERGY STORAGE PAIRED WITH CAT® BI-DIRECTION POWER MODULE: The Cat® BDP module offers state-of-the-art energy conversion and storage technologies. This includes the Cat® power electronics system, renowned for its operational capabilities in harsh environments, as demonstrated by its use in the Cat® D7E track-type tractor. Energy storage technologies from traditional lead-acid to lithium ion can be combined according to the needs of your application.


CAT® Connect

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