Posted on: August 21, 2018 12:36 pm

3D Printed CAT D10 Dozer

We have all heard about 3D printing, rapid prototyping and the like, it is mostly done at a small scale and is almost seen as a niche hobby. While the applications of 3D printing is now expanding, from the desktop, to bridge and house building, and the day is coming where we can print our own tools and equipment from home – a Machinst names Jason Hatala took this enterprise to a whole new scale.

Mr Jason Hatala is a long time member of a RC Truck & Construction Forum with a love for remote control vehicles, especially scale mode construction equipment. As he works as a machinist and fabricator, and has been involved with 3D printing for a number of years he decided to take his model building to a whole new level – with a remote controlled CAT® D10 Dozer.

The Dozer was designed in Autodesk and is over 270 parts, and was printed using ABS filament on a pair of 3D printers. The only parts not printed were the electronics and pins that hold the 90 track links together. This is a small, but very mighty creation and we applaud you Mr Hatala for your skill and innovation.

Maybe one day, your CAT® Machine will be supplied like this too?

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