Posted on: September 11, 2019 3:08 pm

Hurricane Dorian MapThe start of September saw our first hurricane of the Atlantic storm season make landfall on mainland USA, the hurricane Dorian spent the latter part of Labor Day weekend swerving its way up the East Coast, before making landfall in the Carolina’s and bouncing off towards Canada via parts of the Eastern Shore here in Maryland. Alban Rental Solutions, our power rental arm also had a very busy Labor Day weekend in response to Dorian.

Over the Holiday weekend, the phone at Alban Rental Solutions was ringing none-stop as requests for Generators to provide emergency back-up power were made by fellow CAT® Dealers, FEMA and other large facilities. By Tuesday 47 generators had shipped out, and by Thursday our largest portable units, the XQ2000 were dispatched to keep the lights and critical equipment on in chain of Hospitals in Florida.

The Alban Rental Solutions yard may be almost empty at our Elkridge facility, but we still stand ready to help you overcome adversity. With the power, pump, temperature control solutions you need. Below is a gallery featuring the units that went out over that five day period.

Alban Rental Solutions

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