Posted on: January 18, 2019 12:40 pm

Alban Rents - Reloaded - Your Rental Equipment Source

For over twenty years Alban Rents has been your go to for renting the strength of CAT® Equipment to move the earth. Now, Alban Rents has been reloaded – new management, new equipment and new locations – with the same reliability and service you’ve come to trust.

New Management

The industry is changing and you have to change with it, Alban Rents has the experience you need and with a new management team the ability to adapt to meet your needs. Drop into a local Alban Rents branch to find out what has changed today .

Alban Rents - Reloaded - Your Rental Equipment Source

New Equipment

For years, Alban Rents has provided you the CAT® Equipment you needed, now you can also rent the equipment you need on your jobsite to get the job done. Aerial Lifts, Pumps, Fork Lifts, Compactors, Compressors, Generators, Dump Trucks, Trailers and Crash Trucks is just a small selection of the equipment you can now rent from us to fill that gap, or give you the competitive advantage to win that contract!

New Locations

Alban Rents is already has a number of branches in the Mid-Atlantic region, and in the near future we will be expanding with mini-rental hubs to bring the equipment you need within arm’s reach of your jobsite. Look for announcements as we open new these new Alban Rents centers.

Alban Rents - Reloaded - Your Rental Truck And Trailer Equipment Source

Cost Effective

Get the quality rental equipment you need, we have cost-effective solutions that will surprise you and help you build your bottom-line. We are not just looking to rent your equipment, but to become your business partner to build your success, because only together we will grow.

Alban Rents - Reloaded - Your Rental Aerial Lift Equipment Source

Visit an Alban Rents Branch today, and find out why we are your one stop shop for all your equipment rental needs.

Rents Reloaded… More Than Just Dirt.

Call Alban Rents today at 888-919-7368 to get started.

Alban Rents – Reloaded

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