Posted on: June 9, 2017 9:33 am

The American Constellation Powered by Alban CATThe American Constellation is is the latest build by Chesapeake Ship Builders in Salisbury, MD. Chesapeake Ship Builders built her for American Cruise Lines.

Alban CAT Ocean City was involved extensively in the application, installation, start up, testing, and commissioning of the main engines and generator sets. The commissioning sea trials as well as the aforementioned scope of work was performed by Technicians from the Ocean City Branch. She sailed down the Wicomico River from Salisbury to Cambridge then later from Cambridge to Baltimore, where she is currently docked, with Alban CAT Technicians providing support and testing on both legs of the mission.

The American Constellation is propelled by 2 – 3512C main engines and electricity is provided by 3 – C-18 generator sets. This CAT package was sold and supported by the Elkridge Sales Team.

The American Constellation is 265 feet long, has 5 decks and can carry 200 guests and 52 crew members. She has the capability to sail from San Diego California to Hawaii without re-fueling with her fuel efficient and reliable Caterpillar Marine Engines

Source: by Chris Carr – Alban Times June/July 2017

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