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No matter the size of the job or the size of the crew, Cat® Building Construction Products (BCP) will help you get the job done right. Cat equipment has earned a reputation for being among the highest in quality, durability and reliability — and that outstanding reputation extends to its Compact Construction Equipment (CCE), as well.

While these little guys may be small in stature compared to some of their big brothers, what they lack in size is more than made up for by their incredible utility, efficiency and ease-of-use.

And since our CCE family carries the Cat name, you know you’re getting equipment that comes with the legendary Cat reliability and total lifecycle promise.

Benefits of Alban CAT Compact Construction Equipment

At Alban CAT, our CCE range offers a number of benefits for contractors and construction companies of all sizes, including:

  • Efficiency —state-of-the-art technology that helps improve operator performance while allowing for greater fuel efficiency and a safer work environment and job site. We all know the constant push to get more done for less. Construction crews have to maximize their effort in the time they have available, so it is important to find equipment that is comfortable and easy to operate.

Compact Construction Equipment ticks off this box well. Crewmembers are potentially able to work without damaging their physical health, helping construction managers and keeps absenteeism rates down due to job-related injuries.

  • Versatility — The smaller, lighter footprint of CCE machines allows you to access areas of a job site that larger pieces of equipment may not be able to reach. But because of Cat’s legendary quality, this reach doesn’t sacrifice power or performance. CCE machines are able to utilize an incredible array high-performance tool attachments, effectively allowing one piece of equipment to do the job of several.
  • Ease-of-Use — Due to its smaller size, compact construction equipment is easier to move to and from the jobsite. That’s a big deal, because it means your crew members don’t need a CDL in order to haul CCE machines on a trailer to and from the job site — all they’ll need is a chauffeur license. The equipment also takes less time to load, which saves on labor costs, and is lighter, which will save money on fuel expenses when moving it to and from the work site.

Additionally, CCE machines are built so that operators can easily enter the equipment get started on tasks right away. These models are designed for easy entry and exit, and they provide 360-degree visibility, which makes for fewer delays during the workday.

Advantages of Choosing Cat CCE

The Cat CCE lineup includes the following types of equipment:


A tremendous benefit of compact construction equipment is that it can be used with a number of work tools and attachments. Instead of relying on a single piece of equipment to do one job, you can use your machine to perform several. This feature increases the value of the machine in your fleet of work vehicles. It also saves you money, since you don’t have to buy several pieces of equipment when a single one can perform several functions.

When you purchase a CCE Machine from Alban CAT, you will receive several advantages, including:

  • Flexibility to use one machine for multiple applications
  • You get the benefit of a leading parts manufacturer
  • Equipment that meets all regulatory requirements
  • More than 100 work tools and attachments available
  • Legendary customer service that’s dedicated to your company’s success

Work Tool Attachments for Cat Products


Consumers interested in Cat products have numerous work tools and attachments available that can transform one machine into a tool capable of doing several jobs.

The lineup of tools available to you is extensive, and there is likely something you can use no matter what industry you are in. Whether you need to clear brush, do roadwork, move soil, dig holes or clear snow, Alban CAT has you covered with accessories that can help your crew to get the job done quickly, efficiently, on time and on budget.

Quick Coupler System

Cat’s Center Lock© Pin Grabber Quick Coupler system is available on select excavators and certain other machines. This amazing system makes it incredibly easy to switch between attachments when you are on-the-go. Just flip a switch!

The Quick Coupler system comes equipped with an over-center locking mechanism for an additional layer of security and protection. This visible “additional lock” gives your operator immediate and visual confirmation that the system is engaged and ready for use.

Additional tools available for Cat products include digging tools like backhoe arms, augers and trenchers. Landscaping tools like rakes, tillers, mulchers, brush cutters and stump grinders, as well as snow pushers or snow blowers to clear areas quickly and easily.

With Cat tools such as forks, brooms (angle, pickup and utility), buckets (general purpose, dirt, light material, utility, industrial grapple and more), rakes, wheel saws, vibratory compactors and hydraulic hammers, you will be the hero of the job site as you tackle numerous tasks with just a few pieces of equipment.

Compact Construction Equipment for Sale

If you are looking for equipment to supplement your existing fleet, or if you’re searching for equipment that can be used on smaller job sites or for jobs requiring smaller crews, we’ve got you covered. At Alban CAT, we have many types of CCE machines for sale to help you complete your jobs with speed and efficiency — and all at a great price.

When you choose the Cat brand for your CCE needs, you’re not sacrificing anything by way of quality or service — it’s simply a matter of finding the right equipment for the job. Our compact construction equipment line includes a number of types of machinery, such as:

Skid Steer Loaders

Cat’s line of Skid Steer Loaders will provide you with the brand’s legendary performance, along with excellent traction and stability over a wide range of terrain. A large number of work tool attachments can be used with these loaders, which make them extremely flexible and able to take on several functions on the jobsite.


The Cat Skid Steer Loader can be used for landscaping, roadway projects and general construction, as well as in agriculture. They have been designed with the latest hydraulic technology and are ruggedly built to provide maximum performance while keeping safety a priority. The electro-hydraulic joystick controls allow the operator to achieve a high level of output, even for demanding applications.

This equipment’s features include:

  • Adjustable seat for operator comfort
  • Easy joystick controls
  • Quiet operation
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Control Interlock System — when the operator leaves the seat or the armrest is raised, the brake engages and the hydraulic system automatically disables, along with the hydrostatic transmission.

The Skid Steer Loader is operated by either hand or foot throttles. The operator can choose which method to use, depending on the task they are performing at the time. The engine speed will vary, depending on the throttle being used at the time. When the hand throttle is in use, the engine speed remains constant. This is preferred for operations like snow removal and trenching. When the operator chooses to use the foot throttle, the engine speed of the skid steer loader can be varied to conserve fuel. This would be the best choice for tasks like loading a truck or grading a surface.

The Skid Steer Loader is equipped with an anti-stall feature designed to maximize machine power by matching the engine torque with the operational requirements of both the hystat and implement systems. This feature prevents the engine from stalling even when being used for a part-throttle operation — productivity is kept high while fuel consumption is conserved.

Skid Steer Loaders aren’t the largest machine in the Cat equipment inventory, but that doesn’t stop them from performing in a big way. They’re always ready to perform even the most demanding tasks, and we have Cat Skid Steer Loaders for sale with operating capacities ranging from 1,500 to 3,700 pounds.

Multi-Terrain Loaders

Cat took great care to keep users in mind when designing their Multi-Terrain Loaders (MTL). The cab’s innovative, one-piece, modular design is sealed to give your operator a cleaner, more comfortable space in which to work.

The Multi-Terrain Loader has a light footprint and can move easily across a variety of ground conditions. Mud, gravel, rocks and even snow are no match for the Cat MTL, thanks to its amazing undercarriage, which features a fully suspended, heavy-duty rubber track. This helps the loader remain lightweight and flexible while being reinforced with high-strength tensile cords.


The undercarriage provides very low ground pressure, which allows the multi-terrain loaders to operate in soft underfoot conditions easily. Not only does its independently suspended undercarriage distribute the load, but it also reduces shock and vibrations throughout the machine to a great extent. This makes the ride comfortable for the operator and provides excellent bucket load retention.

If you’re looking at Cat Multi-Terrain Loaders for sale, you’ll also appreciate these features:

  • Heavy-duty torsion axles that independently suspend each side of the frame, making for a smoother ride when traveling over rough terrain, even at a high rate of speed.
  • Replaceable components as individual wear items — these reduce the cost of owning and operating the equipment.

Depending on which one of the Cat Multi-Terrain Loaders you’re interested in, you can choose from a vertical lift or a radical lift:

  • Vertical lift gives you extended reach and lift height if you need the loader for material handling, or you’re looking to use it for truck loading.
  • Radical lift design is the right alignment to provide excellent digging and a higher mid-lift reach.

All of Cat’s Multi-Terrain Loaders can be connected to an electronic coupler that will allow the operator to change tools without having to get down from the cab. This means the procedure can be completed very quickly. In times of cold or wet weather, the operator will appreciate not having to leave the comfort of the cab to make this change every time task requires it.

In addition, the same work attachments available for the Skid Steer Loader can be used with the Cat MTL models.

Compact Track Loaders

Cat’s D Series of Compact Track Loaders (CTL) features wide, roomy interiors. The floor space is uncluttered to help your operator work comfortably throughout the workday. Features of the series include:


  • A sealed, pressurized cab that provides a cleaner and quieter working environment
  • Plenty of legroom
  • A high-back, air-ride seat heated for operator comfort during colder months
  • Heater and air conditioner available as options
  • Optional seat-mounted joystick controls
  • Clear sight lines for excellent visibility
  • Selectable Pattern Control allows the operator to select the control pattern they are most comfortable using, leading to greater productivity levels available as optional feature

Another highly beneficial feature of the Compact Track Loaders is the Cat Intelligent Leveling (ILEV) System. This exclusive system increases the performance of the CTL and gives them valuable features that buyers are seeking, such as:

  • Electronic dual self-leveling that allows your operator to maintain a level load automatically, whether the machine is lifting or lowering.
  • Electronic snubbing that automatically reacts to cushion the descent of the lift arms. It slows the downward motion shortly before the arms reach the point where they are about to stop.
  • A Return-to-Dig feature that allows the operator to preset the digging angle of the bucket, automatically lower the lift arm and recall the bucket angle.
  • A Work Tool Positioner that allows the angle of the work tool being used — whether it’s a bucket, trencher, box rake, cold planer, forks, etc. — to be pre-set and then automatically recalled if the machine is moved.

Due to their exceptional durability, Cat Compact Track Loaders should definitely be on your list when considering this type of equipment for your business. The CTL undercarriage system has very durable and easy-to-maintain components. Its steel imbeds give it a rigid support for the entire width of the track and deliver superior durability in a number of applications. Tensile strength is provided by continuously wound cables that hold these embeds in place to ensure the track doesn’t stretch.

The elevated external positive drive system keeps its components away from debris on the ground. Planetary final drive motors serve to improve torque and drawbar performance by delivering more power toward the ground. Steel rollers with metal surface seals offer the maximum level of protection for wheel bearings, resulting in long-term reliability and durability in the most challenging conditions.


Our Mini-Excavators combine the proven strength and durability of the Cat brand with the versatility of high-performance compact construction equipment. At Alban CAT, the Mini-Excavators we have for sale offer unparalleled digging depth, increased lifting capacity and greater reach, power and swing torque.


Our Mini-Excavators offer several distinct features that allow you to take advantage of Cat’s legendary power in a more efficient size. These include:

  • Compact Dimensions — Several of our Mini-Excavators are so narrow (some just over two feet wide) they can pass right through doorways. This allows you to bring the speed and efficiency of a Cat Excavator — and all of its useful tool attachments — to any job site, even if it is indoors. And once your job is finished, the Mini-Excavators’ compact size makes the machine easy to load onto trailers and transport to another job site, meaning you can get started on a new project that same day.
  • Extendable Undercarriage Blade — Cat has paired its formidable excavator arm with an undercarriage blade or fold-out dozer blade, giving you tremendous excavating efficiency in the smallest of workspaces. Controlled from the operator’s seat and easily retractable, these blades help add another dimension to your excavating work.
  • Work Tools — From buckets and hammers to shears and multi-processors, our Mini-Excavators can be easily augmented to accomplish nearly any job. Each tool is matched perfectly to the excavator, allowing you to maximize productivity and deliver value as if you were using multiple machines.
  • Simple Controls — Independent controls that operate with smooth precision allow operators of virtually any skill level to become proficient and effective with little practice. Additionally, the operator area is laid out with comfort as prime consideration, with a comfortable seat and a spacious operating area.

At Alban CAT, we know full well the tremendous value a Mini-Excavator can bring to your job site. With our mini-excavators, you can bring Cat’s large-scale power to all kinds of tasks, such as:

  • Landscaping
  • Ditch digging
  • Demolition
  • Utility line laying
  • Construction
  • Grading
  • Plowing
  • Lifting
  • Compacting

Compact Wheel Loaders

Of all of Cat’s outstanding pieces of compact construction equipment, one that brings some of the highest performance and versatility is the Compact Wheel Loader. Cat’s Compact Wheel Loaders have several unique benefits that many operators and managers find incredibly valuable while on the job site, including:


  • Lower Fuel Consumption — Because Compact Wheel Loaders are throttle-driven, they are much more fuel-efficient. This enables a more economical use of resources throughout your job site.
  • Ease-of-Use — For as tough as it is, the Compact Wheel Loader is remarkably comfortable. From its cushioned seating to its manageable sound levels, the compact wheel loader offers a comfortable alternative to other compact construction equipment that has similar lifting capacities, but isn’t as friendly on their operators.
  • Amazing Visibility — Compact Wheel Loaders offer a full, unobstructed, 360-degree view of the job site. This is crucial, especially since these CCE machines are frequently used in small or confined job sites, where visibility may already be limited.

At Alban CAT, we understand the value that a compact wheel loader brings in terms of increased levels of fuel efficiency, productivity and comfort to the job site. Our Cat Compact Wheel Loaders feature an easy-to-use hydraulic and drivetrain system that adjusts to the job at hand. Its low noise levels and comfortable, roomy cab help to keep operators comfortable throughout the day, allowing them to achieve optimum productivity levels.9-compact-wheel-loaders-hydraulic

Additionally, the Z-bar loader allows for maximum lifting strength, while still allowing for maximum visibility. Compact Wheel Loaders have additional benefits, including:

  • Peak PerformanceCompact Wheel Loaders’ perfect distribution of weight and power makes them ideal for lifting loads in tight spaces. Additional loader linkage options are available to provide improved lift capacity or height, depending on the application.
  • Superior Work ToolsOur Compact Wheel Loaders aren’t just for loading. With an impressive selection of tools and attachments, this dynamic machine can be equipped to rake, blow snow or even drive posts.

Compact Wheel Loaders offer amazing power in a compact size. Because of this, they can be found in a multitude of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Landscaping
  • Logging
  • And many others


Cat CCE and BCP Provide Excellent Choices for Any Task on Your Jobsite

When you are looking for new construction equipment for your business, consider the size of the projects and crew you’ll be working with. At Alban CAT, we have the Cat compact construction equipment available to help you complete small jobs or work on projects when you have limited staff available.

If you need larger equipment to fulfill a big contract or to complement your larger fleet of machinery, Cat’s building construction products are available. You can choose from various sizes and a basic model, and then add in the options you want to get exactly the right piece of machinery to suit your business.

To find out more about Cat’s full line of CCE or BCP equipment, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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