Posted on: January 30, 2020 1:41 pm

CAT Skidder Fuel Tanker On Discovery Gold RushGold Rush, is an hour long reality documentary program on Discovery that covers the exploits of three Miners as they search for Gold in the Klondike. It remains a very popular cable TV program and shows the use of heavy earthmoving equipment in a strip mining environment. A lot of the equipment used is non-cat, primarily the show sponsors – Volvo; with the exception of the Dozers which are CAT® Machines. Last week Parker Schnabel, one of the shows mains stars brought a new piece of equipment to his mining property… And it is a CAT!

A CAT® 525 Skidder has joined the Schnabel fleet, this piece of equipment has been converted into a tanker, with 2,500 gallon capacity; to take the fuel directly to the heavy equipment working in the mining cut. The large 60″ flotation wheels allow for a traction in these mud pits and the Skidder retains its familiar push blade – allowing it to pretty much go anywhere the earthmoving equipment does. The Skidder Tanker was brought to increase efficiency, by decreasing downtime of the heavy equipment.

Proving, that once again if you want to get the job done, you get a CAT®

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