Posted on: January 24, 2019 7:07 pm

Alban CAT Is Now Partnered With Kennametal

We are now stocking NEW CAT Milling Drums! We have drums readily available for your new mill and our 302 block system which is compatible with CAT.

Below is a list of the drums we currently have in stock:

  • » PM822 27.542 8800 NS300 15MM
  • » PM822 27.542 8800 KP302 15MM
  • » PM620 27.542 7913 NS300 8MM
  • » PM822 27.542 8800 NS300 8MM
  • » PM822 27.542 8800 KP302 8MM

KENNAMETAL, now partnered with Alban CAT

Your source for Road King™ milling bits, drum systems, and wear part solutions.

Kennametal Buy-Back Program

Ask your Alban CAT Representative how to get account credit for your used milling bits!

Kennametal Bits

Alban CAT Paving Products

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