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Happy Retirement Mike Lewis

Happy Retirement Michael Lewis!

After 46 years of service, Michael E. Lewis Vice President of Power Systems, retired from Alban as of January 15, 2018. Mr. Lewis began his career in 1972 at Atlantic Engine as the Operations Manager, the same year that Alban acquired the Power Generation business. Mike eventually moved over to Power Built in Cherry Hill, where he was the General Manager of our generators sets and manufacturing facility. He was in charge of assembly of generator sets and rebuilding of engines sold by the Sales Teams at both Earthmoving and Engine.

When Power Built closed, Mike came back to what was then known as Alban Engine Power Systems, to work for the Sales Department for a short time, before becoming the
Vice President of Power Systems. Mike then went on to work for Earthmoving under the Six Sigma Program. However, Mike ended his career, where it all began, as
the Vice President of Power Systems.

In his latest role as Vice President, he was in charge of three Power Systems locations (Elkridge, Manassas EPG and Ocean City) and overseeing 166 employees working in EPG, Industrial and Marine specialties. Over his tenure at Alban, Mike has worked under 3 of the 4 leadership generations, an accomplishment that very few will likely duplicate.

On January 10th, Alban CAT Power Systems hosted a retirement luncheon to honor Mr. Lewis and his time here. Approximately 135 employees, both retired and current,
gathered in the Elkridge lunchroom for a luncheon catered by one of Mike’s favorites, Mission BBQ. In addition to his employees Mike was surprised with a special guest, his wife Janet, who joined in on the festivities. During this luncheon, Mike was presented with a retirement plaque from his direct reports. As a follow up, Jamie Alban surprised Mr. Lewis and dedicated the Elkridge Conference Room in his honor.

The new Michael E. Lewis Room now has a plaque recognizing him for his 46 years of loyalty and dedicated service. During his speech, Mike answered everyone’s burning
question. After 46 years of getting up at 4:30 a.m. for work, what was the first thing he planned on doing? His answer was simple, turn the alarm clock off, fold it up and place it in his travel bag. In fact, we’ve even heard back from him already, saying that he is enjoying his new found ability of sleeping in. During his retirement, Mike and his wife plan on spending time with their grandchild and continuing their love of travel.

Mike, thank you for all you have done for Power Systems over your dedicated 46 year career with us. We wish you a happy retirement! You will certainly be missed!

– Marissa Horsey

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