Posted on: May 11, 2017 11:40 am

Bee's in the Bucket at Alban CATThis is unBEElievable, our rental yard at Pulaski is playing host to a swarm of Honey Bee’s who have set up a Hive in an Excavator bucket, quite literally we have BEE’s in the bucket. These little guys were discovered droning around our Corporate Office and their honey home has been taped off until they buzz off or get relocated.

On a safety note, this is the time of the year Bee’s, Hornets, Wasps and other Yellow Jackets set up their Hives, bee sure to check out your equipment and storage sheds for swarms to avoid any bumbling incidents.

Remember, although a Honey Bee is largely passive and not aggressive you don’t want Employees, or a bear named Pooh, wandering into the swarms hive territory and getting stung in the buzz. Tape off the immediate area that you find the Hive in and get a Professional in to handle any large swarms, bee safe out there now.



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