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Truck Shop #SafetySunday Dyno Room

Dynamometer (or ‘dyno’ for short) testing measures the force, torque or power within your engine. Here at the Alban CAT Truck Centers we use a service tool called a Chassis Dynamometer. Instead of measuring directly from your engine, a Chassis Dynamometer measures your horsepower at your drive wheels thus giving you ‘real world’ looks into the performance of your vehicle.

Alban CAT Dyno TestingSo How Does It Work?

The vehicle is driven onto metal rollers in our dyno room. Those rollers simulate road conditions and while they are running our control room will measure the wheel horsepower.

How Does This Help You?

A dyno test is run to look for efficiency problems within your engine. While a 15-20% loss of horsepower from the engine to the wheel is considered acceptable, lower percentages mean that your engine is running inefficiently. The test helps our technicians be able to diagnose and recommend repairs. After repairs are made, a second dyno test may be run to ensure that the efficiency and horsepower have increased back into the acceptable range.

In addition to efficiency testing, after an overhaul the technician may run a dyno test on the newly rebuilt engine in order to simulate the ‘break-in’ period. This allows our technician to check for any oil or water leaks in order to verify that the truck is road ready

Now you what dyno testing does, why is hearing protection required? Dyno testing can get loud. Imagine a semi-truck going 60 mph all while being contained in one small room. The dyno room walls are filled with sand to help eliminate noise from the outside but only when the door is shut. So technicians who must enter the room needs to wear proper protection in order to prevent hearing damage, here at Alban CAT Power Systems, safety is more than just a requirement it’s a value.

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