Posted on: May 4, 2017 2:07 pm

Howard County Community HazardHoward County Community HazardWhat does risk mean to you? Risk is a value that incorporates the consequences of a given hazard and the likelihood that the hazard will occur. Here at Alban CAT, we help you prepare for all the risks that your company can’t afford to take.

Ready HoCo Hazard Assessment

Ready HoCo

Howard County Government has prepared a Community Hazard Handbook as part of their ReadyHoCo campaign. This campaign was geared toward helping residents and business owners alike prepare for the unexpected and improve the safety of their homes or businesses.

You can learn more at for more information about the Ready HoCo Choose Preparedness Campaign

Download The Howard County Community Hazard Handbook

When your business depends on continuous or standby electrical power generation, there’s typically no room for error, so why take the risk?

Let Us Take The Strain

Alban CAT Power Systems is the recognized heavy industrial equipment and power systems leader in Maryland, Washington D.C., West Virginia and Delaware. We do more than just deliver iron we take an active role in your project, beginning with analyzing your risk to help you determine your needs. Contact Alban CAT Power Systems at 410-796-8000 for more information about how we can help reduce your risk of an outage.

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