Posted on: June 27, 2017 10:18 am

CAT On Mars NASA And Caterpillar Teaming Up To Enable The Future

CAT Goes To MarsThis isn’t the first time NASA has teamed with CAT to take us into space, back in 1964 CAT® Generators powered the Apollo 11 and NASA tracking systems around the world. Now, NASA and CAT are working together to move dirt, not on Earth, but on Mars to help build the habitats that Astronauts will set foot with the planned manned missions in 2030.

Right now Caterpillar is helping NASA develop rovers that will be directed by operators on earth, along with developing 3D printing technology that can take the raw material on Mars into the structures needed for Astronauts. You can read more about this innovative partnership by clicking the links below.

Partnering To Enable The Future

NASA/CAT Mars Innovation

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