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Bob From Cat Asset IntelligenceBob From Cat Asset IntelligenceInformation is Power. Cat® Asset Intelligence enables you to improve the most critical aspects of your operations. Whether you only want to access the data, be informed of an unsafe condition, or be advised on how to improve the efficiency of your operation, Cat® Marine has the right combination of technologies and services for you and your business.

Monitoring the performance of engines is a critical part of the marine industry. Cat® Asset Intelligence gives you advanced predictive analytics and expert advisory services across your vessel – or across your entire fleet. The entire solution is tailored to your specific needs: which equipment is included, types of expert services, metrics, reports, and dashboards. Automated analytics identify potential issues before failure.

Bob From Cat Asset Intelligence

Let’s dive deeper about how Asset Intelligence benefit you:

  1. Increases uptime and reduces operating costs
    You can now predict problems before they happen! Predicting and being able to repair your engine before problems occur allow you to reduce unexpected downtime & major repair costs.
  2. Monitor Productively and Manage Vessel Efficiency
    By minimizing downtime, you’ll be able to maximize revenue producing uptime. Asset Intelligence allows you to use real data to improve your operational decision making. For example, you can see your total vessel fuel burn which will allow you to make decisions to increase your fuel efficiency.
  3. Enhance Awareness to Keep People & Equipment Safe
    By predicting problems before they happen, you can create transparency for unsafe operations and equipment conditions while promoting a positive safety culture.
  4. Reduce Environmental Impact and Simplify Compliance
    With automated monitoring you can make compliance reporting easier. By burning less fuel, you are also reducing the emissions your engines are releasing.

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