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Alban CAT Rental Well Pump

Alban Rental Solutions is not only your go to source for power related relief, but we also supply pumps, air compressors and temperature control 24/7/365. Backed by an industry leading service team we are the one stop shop that can met all your needs. We supply many unique pieces of equipment, the pump above is just one of them, can you guess what application it is built for?

A Well Point Setup In ActionDid You Guess Right?

Did you guess a well point pump? If so, congratulations you would be correct. The photo above contains a 12 inch well point pump.

What is a well point pump?

Before we can define the pump itself, we must define what a well point system is.

A well point system consists of a number of well points spaced along a trench or around an excavation site, all connected to a common header which is attached to one or more well point pumps. Well point assemblies-made up of a well point, screen, riser pipe, and swing joint with tuning-are generally installed by jetting. They provide for entry of water into the system by creation of a partial vacuum. The water is then pumped off through the header pipe.

So what about the pump?

A well point pump is a combination of two pumps, one of which pumps water from the header and the other of which is a vacuum pump to remove air which enters the system. Control of air is important, as excessive air causes cavitation which reduces pump efficiency. The dewatering pumps used are normally designed specifically for the dewatering function. The diagram left shows how a well point system is set up.

So where would you use a well point pump? 

Well point systems are frequently the logical and economic choice for dewatering construction sites where the required lowering of ground water level is on the order of 6 meters or less.  While it is possible to lower ground water at greater than 6 meters, it requires extra stages.

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