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Rethink the TankRethink the Tank comes with three CAT® Solutions designed to help increase productivity and your bottom line, all of which starts right in the gas tank.

Fuel can represent up to 50% of operating costs. These bundled Solutions let you focus on the fundamentals and be sure you’re getting the most of every tank.

Solution One: Fuel Efficiency

  1. Buy a qualifying machine
  2. Activate Product Link on your new machine
  3. Enroll in the Rethink the Tank Program
  4. Become eligible to receive parts, service and rental credit on your CAT® Commercial Account Card.

You will receive $1/Gallon Credit if the average yearly fuel burn rate (gal/hr) exceeds CAT’s guaranteed level for that machine. Once the machine is enrolled, the guarantee is good for three years or 5000 hours, which ever comes first.

Solution Two: Equipment Management Solutions (EMS)

Receive a complimentary EMSolutions Level 2 package for the three years of your qualified machine. The EMS Level 2 report provides you top level management of your fleet performance, enabling you to identify areas of opportunities to improve your business and bottom line.

You can also use your machines data to make informed decision that can help lower owning and operating costs, reduce idles time, manage operators, improve asset allocation and mitigate jobsite risk.

Solution Three: Parts Shipping

We all know the importance of receiving a part when you need it.If the part is not ready for pick up in 48 hours Alban CAT picks up the shipping*.

*Excludes Made As Ordered (MAO), CAT Supplier Direct Shipped Parts, Non-U.S sourced parts and parts weighing over 150 pounds.

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