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Countless businesses that utilize construction equipment are turning to modern technology to get the most out of their fleet. When it comes to earthmoving and fine grading processes, Cat® GPS ACCUGRADE is an innovative tool that helps boost productivity and reduce operating expenses. From cutting and filling to lowering material expenses, the ACCUGRADE GPS control system allows operators to more accurately and efficiently get the job done.

A Cat GPS is a 3D grade control system utilizing GPS technology to help you set and maintain the optimal blade position no matter the contours, planes and other environmental challenges. The system actually follows your project design setting and automatically sends direct indications to the operator when adjustments are necessary. With the designed plan in the cab and at your fingertips, the result is increased comfort, control, accuracy and productivity.

Advantages of utilizing Cat GPS to guide your fleet of dozers and earthmoving equipment include:

  • More efficient material utilization and longer, more productive work days
  • Less guesswork determining the right amount of dirt to move
  • 50% boost in equipment productivity and 90% cut in overall survey costs
  • Lower payrolls due to reduced labor requirements
  • Ability to produce higher quality work faster

Cutting Edge Cat GPS Technology 

An ACCUGRADE GPS makes accurate grading possible without depending on survey stakes. It’s a state-of-the-art guidance system providing digitally designed data in the cab so your operator can consult with plans in real-time. Whether you’re clearing a field to lay a foundation or are finish-grading before paving, the Cat GPS system is an asset in a wide variety of earthmoving and construction applications.

With a high technology machine control in place, it’s possible to remove obstacles such as stakers and checkers out of range of heavy equipment and harms ways. Safety enhancing features include a safety interlock that automatically secures blades when not in use. Additional technological benefits range from optimized on-board electronics and hydraulics to integrated machine components designed for optimal reliability.

Cat GPS Customer Support

When you choose Cat GPS ACCUGRADE to usher your operation into the digital age, it doesn’t mean you’re venturing into the great unknown. Not only does the system provide numerous features that reduce labor requirements, it’s also backed by industry leading customer service and support.

As an authorized Cat dealership for parts of the Mid Atlantic and entire D.C. Metro area, you have direct access to expert product guidance. We’ll help match your specific machine systems to project requirements, and we’re always available to answer any questions relating to your Cat GPS system.

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