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Alban CAT Cateraptasaurus

Have you visited Cateraptasaurus? This 12,000 pound Monster of pure CAT® parts is the Gate Guardian for the Alban CAT Compact Construction Equipment (CCE) Showroom here in Baltimore, just off Pulaski Highway.

While stocks last if you visit the CCE Showroom this Summer for any reason  don’t forget to ask for your FREE Cateraptasaurus poster, dare you visit the Beast?

Cateraptasaurus is located at the CCE Showroom 8427 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore MD

Alban CAT CateraptasaurusCateraptasaurus Fun Facts

  • Height: 12 feet 9 inches
  • Length: 19 feet 2 inches from tip to tail
  • Weight: 12,000 lbs! 6 tons!
  • Favorite Meal: Deere

The Cateraptasaurus is the creation of sculptor Derek Arnold. Nearly 20 years ago, Derek spoke to Alban CAT about utilizing scrap tractor parts he noticed in their yard for this creation. Derek was one of 10 sculptors selected out of a pool of 130 applicants in a competition to come up with a site specific plan at the Evergreen House in Baltimore City. The Cateraptasaurus consists of a 1946 Caterpillar pan scraper as the chest, scraper goose neck, cylinders, cutting edges, adaptors and bucket tips.

After a total of 800 man hours, 500 hours of Derek’s and 300 hours of extra assistance in a 2 month period, the creature was completed. Alban truck driver John Yox transported the prehistoric creature to Evergreen House where the creature remained from May – October 2000. The creature was then put on display at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Howard County for many concert goers to enjoy.

In February 2007, The Cateraptasaurus headed for his forever home, Alban CAT’s Compact Construction Equipment Showroom here in Baltimore, Maryland.