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Alban CAT offers integrated business solutions to maximize your success. We offer several options for financing equipment through CAT® Financial including rental purchase options, installment contracts, finance leases and more.

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Our experienced credit professionals are available to assist and provide you with the knowledge you need to operate your business safely. Through Alban CAT and Caterpillar we offer an array of online business services to help streamline your bill paying, parts ordering and more.

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CAT® Financial Commercial Account

Alban CAT offers a variety of flexible options in CAT Financial Accounts suited to specific customer needs and objectives. With years of experience, our Finance Department is prepared to match your needs with a diverse product mix. We’ll help analyze your business in order to provide a customized solution that helps you operate more efficiently.

CAT® Financial Accounts Rental Purchase Plans:

Short Term Rental Plans (Rent–to–Rent) – Save time accessing the temporary equipment you require by paying for rentals directly through your Cat Financial Account. You get the advantage of a one-time credit approval process, instant access to account information and quick turnarounds on credit limit increases.

Long Term Rental Plans (Predetermined Purchase Option) – Acquire the equipment you need by using the rental period to build equity. You have the flexibility to return your equipment at the end of the rental period or acquire it by using one of the aforementioned financial products.

Caterpillar® Financial Services Corporation Financing Options:

Installment Sale Contract – Pay for equipment over a stated period of time, building equity each month. Once all monthly CAT Financial Account payments are made, you own the equipment. You retain the tax benefit of depreciation. Flexible terms may be structured to allow for no payment, “skips”, in slow months, have accelerated payments during the initial months, or a payment schedule suited to meet a particular projects cash flow.

Finance Lease – CAT Financial Accounts provide a capital lease option that allows the customer to make lease payments over a period of time and purchase the machine for a “bargain purchase option” at the end of the lease term. Options can be set as low as $1 (“Dollar Option Lease”). Taxes are financed upfront on a dollar option lease instead of billed monthly.

Long term Lease (CVO) – Provides CAT Financial Account holders with the lowest possible payment and gives the customer an option of returning the equipment or purchasing it at a pre-determined price (based on Fair Market Value) at the end of the lease term. This is an operating lease that may be treated as an “off-balance sheet” solution.

Fair Market Value Lease (LTR w/ FMV) – Provides the customer with a low rental payment and gives the customer an option of returning the equipment or purchasing it at Fair Market Value which is determined at the end of the lease term. This is an operating lease that may be treated as an “off-balance sheet” solution.

Installment Sale Contract Product Sheet

Finance Lease Product Sheet

CAT® Value Option Product Sheet

Long Term Rental Product Sheet

Governmental Lease Purchase – CAT Financial Accounts allow governmental entities to finance equipment at a special interest rate.

Governmental Tax Lease – Provides governmental entities with the lowest possible payment and gives the customer an option of returning the equipment or purchasing it at a pre-determined price (based on Fair Market Value).

Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation Line of Credit:

  • Automatic Credit Approval for Future Equipment Needs
  • First Class Financing Options
  • No Set-Up Fee

Welcome To The Alban CAT Credit Application Page

This is a non-revolving credit account that can be used at any Alban CAT location.

The Commercial Account Application is for business customers only (including sole-proprietorship) and credit provided by us in connection with the application may not be used to acquire equipment or services for personal, household or family purposes.

If the applicant is a Sole-Proprietorship, LLP, Partnership or LLC, proof of identity must be provided by each person signing the application.

Proof Of Identity Consists:

  • A copy of a valid state driver’s license
  • Or a valid state issued ID card.
  • The ID’s cannot be expired.

If you would like to open a credit account please follow the instructions below

Download the application file below and submit the completed application along with ID copies to our Credit Department by email at or by faxing it to 410-686-1594.

Credit Application 

Request For Copy Of ID

CAT Commercial Account Card

CAT® Financial Commercial Accounts

Benefits of Cat Commercial Accounts

  • Competitive interest rates that effectively reduce expenses relating to parts, purchasing and services.
  • Flexible repayment terms* to maximize cash flow while getting the parts and products you need, when you need them most.
  • On-line access 24/7 to everything from account information and expenses to statements and activity reports.
  • Detailed monthly statements that keep you informed and show ways to operate more efficiently.
  • Seasonal rate specials exclusively available to Cat Commercial Account holders.
  • No annual fees, one-time credit approval, quick turnaround on credit limit increases and more.

Open Your CAT® Commercial Account

Open Network: Whether you’re a large contractor, or an individual owner-operator, you will enjoy the convenience of one statement and one account, no matter which Cat Dealer you do business with.

Open Access, Open Knowledge: With the Cat Financial Commercial Account, you can conveniently make a minimum monthly payment of 15% on all your parts and service purchases.

  • The Commercial Account can also be used to pay for rentals, which are due in full the following month
  • You may obtain an instant line of credit by applying for an account on-line
  • You will receive one easy-to-read monthly statement that has all the details you need, allowing you to track account activity
*Pay your Cat Commercial Account balance in full each month or make minimum payments on parts and service charges (rental charges must be paid in full).

Alban CAT Lease Options

Competitive Leasing Options To Keep You Up And Running

Your workload changes and you don’t need your equipment budgets place you in the red. Alban CAT has the competitive leasing options to keep you up and running.

You know your industry and the types of equipment you need to efficiently complete jobs and continue building your reputation. You recognize the long history and standout performance of Cat® equipment. When you partner with Alban CAT, you benefit from a variety of different equipment leasing and options to fit your needs.

Lease Examples

Alban CAT Lease Examples


When you choose a lease, you’ll receive these valuable benefits:

  • Provides low monthly payments
  • You can lease equipment for an extended term, typically at a lower monthly payment amount than a short-term rental rate
  • Some leases qualify for an off balance sheet
  • Frees your working capital for operating needs

Caterpillar Insurance offers physical damage insurance protection for your new and used Caterpillar or non-Caterpillar equipment.

This protection covers your equipment from losses that arise from fire, theft, vandalism, collision, overturn, floods and more.

If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling call 1-800-248-4228 or e-mail a customer service representative at and they will be happy to assist you.

CAT® Insurance Physical Damage Application

CAT® Insurance Cancellation Form

CAT® Insurance Has You Covered

  • $1,000 deductible for all equipment (except $10,000 deductible for logging)
  • Genuine, reliable Cat parts used in repairs by authorized Cat dealers
  • Equipment trailers and attachments can be insured
  • 24-hour claims service

Why Cat Insurance?

  • Coverage when you need it most – You never know when something will happen to your equipment, but with physical damage coverage from Cat Insurance, you can be ready for any covered loss.
  • If it were any easier, it would be automatic – With financing through Cat Financial, you’ll get instant approval and your rate is locked in for the term of your contract.
  • The best value in the field.
    • Cat Insurance premiums are competitive and their coverage is more comprehensive.
    • Even without a Cat machine, you can have Cat coverage.
    • Cat Physical Damage Insurance is available for any brand of equipment you have, because we feel you deserve the best coverage, regardless of the manufacturer.

Physical Damage Quote

To get a physical damage quote for both new and used equipment call 1-800-248-4228 Ext. 8134 or 8119

DocuSign is available at Alban CATDocusign Is Available

At Alban CAT Docusign is available for signing CAT® Financial Loan and Lease documents and has these great benefits.

  • Simple process (email address and mobile phone# are the only two things required
  • Sign the docs on the go, at your convenience on any device, anywhere
  • Instant download of docs saves you time and money
  • Ease of doing business
  • Timeliness – you get the deal done quicker to get back on the job!

For more information use the form below to contact an Alban CAT Representative: