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CAT Commercial Account Card

Cat® Financial Commercial Accounts

Benefits of Cat Commercial Accounts

  • Competitive interest rates that effectively reduce expenses relating to parts, purchasing and services.
  • Flexible repayment terms* to maximize cash flow while getting the parts and products you need, when you need them most.
  • On-line access 24/7 to everything from account information and expenses to statements and activity reports.
  • Detailed monthly statements that keep you informed and show ways to operate more efficiently.
  • Seasonal rate specials exclusively available to Cat Commercial Account holders.
  • No annual fees, one-time credit approval, quick turnaround on credit limit increases and more.

Open your account Cat Commercial TODAY!

Open Network: Whether you’re a large contractor, or an individual owner-operator, you will enjoy the convenience of one statement and one account, no matter which Cat Dealer you do business with.

Open Access, Open Knowledge: With the Cat Financial Commercial Account, you can conveniently make a minimum monthly payment of 15% on all your parts and service purchases.

The Commercial Account can also be used to pay for rentals, which are due in full the following month.

You may obtain an instant line of credit by applying for an account on-line.

You will receive one easy-to-read monthly statement that has all the details you need, allowing you to track account activity by Cat Dealer and branch location.

Click on the link below to learn more about the features and benefits by visiting the Cat Financial Commercial Account website and open your account TODAY!


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*Pay your Cat Commercial Account balance in full each month or make minimum payments on parts and service charges (rental charges must be paid in full).

Have additional questions on partnering with your local dealer on a Financial Commercial Account? Give us a call, fill out the contact form below or stop by the Alban CAT location nearest you for assistance in setting up a Cat Commercial Account today!