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Alban CAT Track LoaderAlban CAT Track LoaderAlban CAT Track Loader CabLoad… Carry… Dig… Push… Tough jobs… Rough ground… Tight job sites… This is what the versatile CAT® Track Loader is built for.

Caterpillar® builds the most comprehensive line of Track Loaders in a number of different configurations to meet the needs and performance requirements of any job site application.

The Track Loader is the all-purpose performer of your equipment fleet, a one machine workforce capable of tackling any stage of of the job efficiently, especially in the most demanding weather and underfoot conditions.

Together with its power, speed, precision, efficiency, service-friendliness and wide variety of work-tools the CAT® Track Loader offers the best performance at the lowest possible owning and operating cost.


  • Outstanding versatile, one machine, many different applications
  • Easy serviceability, with maintenance hatches and cab title for quick field services
  • Frame mounted cab with optimum visibility, in a sound suppressing, sealed, air-conditioned cab
  • Constant power with net horsepower delivered even with all systems running simultaneously
  • SystemOne™ undercarriage provides maximum life and reliability
  • High Maneuverability allowing the machine to turn 360° within its own length
  • Precision handing with electro-hydraulic (EH) implementation controls for smooth responsive control of attachment and lift-arms.

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The Multi-Talented Track Loader

Work Tools

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Alban CAT Track Loader

Alban CAT Track Loader Ripper
The standard work tool attachment on the Track Loader includes buckets, the ripper scarifier and ground engaging tools. The versatility of these tools is what gives this CAT® its strong reputation for job site performance.

  • The General Purpose (GP) Bucket – is excellent for load-ability and long life in applications such as hard back excavating, stripping and stockpile loading.
  • The Multi Purpose (MP) Bucket – allows you to load, strip, clear, bulldoze, debris gathering and fine grading. The MP Bucket can clamp hydraulically to grip or handle tough to handle materials.

Special Application Work Tools

The Track Loader can be fitted with special application buckets for.

  • Landfill
  • Slag Buckets
  • Side-dump buckets
  • Straight trim blades
  • Pallet forks
  • Material handling arms

For those applications that required a more specialized machine CAT® can handle the modifications and supply you, factory-equipped with all the required modifications and attachments, ready to work.


The multi-shank parallelogram ripper expands the Track Loaders range of applications. The beam can hold three ripper shanks that allow frozen ground, asphalt and hard soils/rocks to be ripped. You can change out the shanks for longer rippers to increase productivity.

The All Purpose Performer

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Alban CAT Track Loader Trash ApplicationAlban CAT Track Loader Steel Mill ApplicationGeneral Construction Package

The Track-Loader is one of best performers on the job site from general construction to industrial, steel mills and quarries.

  • Waste Handling Standard & Extreme Service Packages – On both packages, substantial guarding, debris barriers, cooling system enhancements and pre-cleaners enhance the life span of the Track-Loader in this harsh environment. The standard package is a fit for landfills, transfer stations and material recovery sites. The Extreme Service package is recommended for transfer stations, demolition sites, severe applications or when maximum protection is desired.
  • Steel Mill Package – The steel mill package protects the user and machine from extreme conditions to allow the Track-Loader to handle hot slag in steel mill operations. Sealed undercarriage, heat shields for the fuel tank, power train and hydraulics, silicone shields and heat resistant windshield, remote park brake release and fire-resistant fluids. Providing the best protection available for this extreme application.
  • Wide Gauge Package – The Wide-Gauge is designed to work in soft-underfoot conditions. The track gauge is widened and wider track shoes installed. The Track-Loader has a wider bucket for increased productivity, especially in grading and backfilling.
  • Additional Packages – The Track-Loader is one of Caterpillars most versatile machines and many custom solutions can be fitted to met a customers specific needs.

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