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Alban CAT D6 Dozer

Alban CAT Dozers

CAT® medium-size Dozers deliver power, response and control that result in higher productivity and lower cost-per-yard. The Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor Dozers are built to deliver optimal performance in a wide range of conditions and applications.

The decision you make before putting a Dozer on the job site can have a profound effect on efficiency, the CAT® medium-size Dozers straddle the line between big iron performance and the smaller machines maneuverability in tight job-sites, offering more flexibility to get the job done right.

With adjustable ergonomic controls, exceptional visibility and modular components that help simplify maintenance and reduces downtime. CAT® Medium Dozers are a durable piece of construction equipment with power to tackle any job site.

Alban CAT DozerFeatures

  • CAT® ACERT diesel engines meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards
  • Air Ride Cab for increased operator comfort
  • Factory-integrated grade control systems for superior accuracy and efficiency
  • Real-time fleet monitoring, management and analysis through Product Link™/VisionLink®
  • All-new traction control systems for reduced slipping and wear and tear on the undercarriage
  • Easier access to major components along with ground-level entry to battery disconnect, engine shutdown and light switches

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CAT Technology

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Alban CAT Technology

Alban CAT Accugrade

Caterpiller offers technology that help CAT® Track-Type Tractors work more efficiently with more productivity.

  • CAT® Grade Control – A factory integrated system that provides automatic grade control assistance to the Operator
  • AccuGrade – Optional blade mounted sensors that assist in grade control
  • CAES – This system delivers real-time elevation, grade and compaction information on an in-cab display
  • AutoCarry – Assists the Operator to optimize ground power which the Dozer is carrying material over changing ground conditions
  • Auto Ripper Control – Automatically adjusts the ripper height and engine speed, allowing the Operator to focus on steering
  • Auto Blade Assist (ABA) – Available on dual-tilt machines, ABA automates the blade pitch and lift.

Work Tools

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Alban CAT Dozer

Alban CAT Trash Dozer

Blades, rippers and other CAT® Work Tools can be customized to a specific application and readily changed to meet the job needs.

  • Straight Blade – Handle a wider range of materials and are more aggressive in penetrating and obtaining blade load
  • Universal Blade – The large wings of this blade make it very efficient at moving larges loads over a long distance.
  • Semi-Universal Blade – combines the elements from universal and straight blades with improved load retention and able to penetrate tightly packed material
  • Variable Pitch Power Angle Tilt (VPAT) – versatility is the key feature of VPAT blades, lift, lower, angle and tilt are controlled with on lever

Special Application Blades

  • Variable Radius Semi-U – the U-Blade characteristics of load retention and reduced side spill, and are excellent tools for land improvement, soil and reclamation
  • Angle (A) – can be positions straight or angled at 25 degrees to either side for side casting, pioneering roads, back-filling, cutting ditches and other similar tasks
  • Cushion (CU) – designed for on-the-go push loadings, rubber cushions allow the Dozer to absorb impacts of contacting a scraper push block.
  • Light Universal – enables high volume movement of light non-cohesive materials such as coal and wood-chips
  • Landfill – Designed to handle refuse and cover material, while protecting the Dozer and Operator from damage

Specialized Tools

CAT® offers a wide range of Dozer tools for specialized applications, including:

  • Wood-chip Blade – large capacity blade that increases productivity while pushing lightweight materials
  • Cable Plow – mounted to the rear of the Tractor, they allow high production below-grade installation of copper and fiber optic cables
  • Log Arch – winch mounted to two log bundles off the ground
  • Street pads – rubber or polyurethane street pads allow Track-Type Tractors to travel on paved surfaces
  • Fireline Plow – towed behind a Tractor to create firebreaks to help suppress the spread of wildfires
  • Blade Rake – often called a root rake, allows the operator to rip tree roots
  • Sideboom – allows the Tractor to do double-duty as a light pipe-layer
  • Slopeboard – mount to the side of a Dozer blade to grade sloping surfaces
  • Foldable VPAT Blade – a very versatile blade that is ideal where transportation width is a concern
  • V-Blade – heady-duty clearing blade with sharp cutting edges for vegetation clearing
  • Coal-blade – a large capacity blade for enhanced dozing of stockpiled coal applications

Rear Implements

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Alban CAT Single Shank RipperAlban CAT Multi-RipperAlban CAT Dozer Winch AttachmentRippers often get more use on some jobs than the blade itself. Rear implements like rippers or winches add additional versatility to your Dozer. CAT® Track-Type Tractors are balanced to maximize productivity with the use of rear implements and when not fitted a counterweight is recommended to balance the machine.

  • Multi-Shank Parallelogram Linkage Ripper – these multi-shank rippers are especially useful for covering a wide area and the number of shanks can be varied to match material conditions
  • Multi-Shank Ripper with Hydraulically Variable Angle – this arrangement allows the operator to adjust the angel or the ripper to march material conditions
  • Single-Shank Ripper with Hydraulically Variable Angle – single shank rippers are designed for tough ripping applications were the Dozer will be spending 20 percent or more of its time ripping in hard ground conditions
  • Reverse Rippers – allows for material ripping while the tractor is reversing to prepare for the next pass

Special Rear Implements & Attachments

  • Winches – Hydro-static or mechanical driven winches mount to the rear of the Dozer and provide towing and recovery capability
  • Counterweight – With no rear attachment your Dozer needs to be balanced for optimal performance

Protection Accessories

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Alban CAT Dozer ProtectionIn addition to blades, implements and counterweights, CAT® Dozers may be outfitted with a range of accessories that provide additional protection.

  • Sweeps – Are used in a Forestry application to provide additional guarding to protect the Dozer and Operator from debris
  • Screens – Additional protection for the Operator for land clearing or if the Tractor is using a winch
  • Bottom Guards – Protect the underside of the Tractor from dirt, rocks and debris, front guards also include a pull hook for machine retrieval
  • Transmission Guards – Protects the transmission housing in rocky conditions, usually installed in conjunction with a ripper or winch

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