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Alban CAT Wheel LoaderAlban CAT Wheel LoaderCAT® Medium Wheel Loaders offer enhanced productivity and reduce operating costs with world class durability, fuel efficiency, versatility and operator comfort.

Landscaping, agricultural, construction, waste management, forestry or mining applications Caterpillar Wheel Loaders make your material handling job safer, faster and precise.

The CAT® Medium Wheel Loaders are among the most environmentally friendly front end loader machines in the industry.

With applied proven technologies integrated to reduce emission and dramatically improve fuel economy without interrupting your machines performance. Ranging in size from the 211 hp. 950K to the 360 hp. 980K. These Medium Duty Wheel Loaders feature highly efficient ACERT engine technology that is compliant with US EPA requirements.

Make your Cat® wheel loader even more versatile by pairing it with our broad range of CAT & Allied Work Tools. No matter what your material or handling job is, Alban CAT can help you choose the Medium Wheel Loader that best matches your needs.


The reliability, durability and versatility of the CAT® Medium Wheel Loaders result in a machine that is built for your needs.

  • Optimized Z-Bar Linkage – optimal visibility performance and fuel efficiency
  • Performance Series Buckets – increased load and material retention
  • CAT Fusion™ Coupler System And Work Tools – allows the usage of the same work tool on different sizes of wheel loaders
  • ACERT Engine Technology – meets EPA Tier 4 Final standards for continuous and efficient operation
  • High Visibility Soundproof Cab – lower glass panels improves overall operator visibility with viscous cab mounts to decrease noise and
    vibration that operator is subject too
  • Touch Screen Display – multi-purpose color screen display integrates machine controls, rear vision camera and operator interface
  • CAT® Product Link – track and monitor your equipment remotely
  • Serviceable – One piece tilt hood with ground level access to important systems

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Operator Access & Cab

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Alban CAT Wheel Loader Cab
Alban CAT Wheel Loader Steps
Wheel Loader Cab Controls

CAT® believes that improving Operator efficiency is a key design goal when building a cab. Ensuring the cab is safe, comfortable and quiet with controls that are intuitive and low effort all contribute to lower operator fatigue and better performance.

  • Cab Access – the angle of the steps have been increased to 15 degrees to enable the operator to walk up like stairs versus vertical ladder climb. Handles have been re-positioned to ensure three points of contact can be maintained at all times. with a gas-strut that swings  the cab door open while the operator is still on the ground.
  • Visibility – new door seals against the roll formed Roll-Over Protective Structure posts (ROPS) and the lower glass panel has been extended to improve operator load visibility. New larger convex mirrors improve rear and integrated spot mirrors provide increased visibility close to both sides of the machine.
  • Sound – cab mounted on viscous mounts that decrease noise and vibration.

Touch Screen Display

Multi-purpose touch screen display that allows the operator to control machine interfaces, rear vision camera and the CAT® Production Measurement system. Intuitive navigation enables operators to modify certain machines operating parameters and monitor machine conditions literally at the touch of their finger tips.

  • Control Panel – sealed against moisture and dirt, the centralized switch panel with LED’s provides reliability and ready access to frequently required functions even while wearing gloves.

Cab Controls

Ergonomically designed to reduce Operator fatigue; CAT® Cabs and control layouts are among the best in the industry for comfort, safety and efficiency. CAT® Wheel loaders features Electro-Hydraulic (EH) control systems.

Conventional Steering – Load sensing steering directs power through the steering system as needed, offering a low-effort hydraulic steering system to lessen operator fatigue.

Implement Controls (EH) – Seat mounted single axis implement control levers provide your operator with precise control for the work tool. In-cab programmable kick-outs and automatic cylinder snubbing are easy to set up on the go for tilt, lower and lift for repeat cycles.

Ride Control – improves ride quality and smoothness over rough terrain, increasing operator confidence and material retention.

Optional (EH) Joystick Steering With Force Feedback – Leading the way with innovation CAT® has developed an optional EH joystick steering system, which provides precision control, increases operator load visibility and dramatically decrease operator arm fatigue.


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Do more jobs with just one machine, the CAT® Wheel Loader linkage and guard options meet your various application needs. While the Fusion Quick Coupler allows for an extensive use of CAT® Work Tools to be used.

  • Optimized Z-bar linkage – Developed in conjunction with the Performance Series Buckets, Fusion Coupler and the Fusion family of CAT®
    Work tools to ensure that all the components function together in a optimal manner.
  • High Lift Linkage – Optional high linkage offers increased hinge pin height to load more easily in a variety of applications

Fusion Quick Coupler

Fusion is a patented Wheel Loader coupler system from Caterpillar. The Fusion Coupler systems provide performance virtually identical
to a pin on – with all the flexibility of a quick coupler system. The system sits back close to the Loader arms to minimize offset
and increase machines performance.

Zero Performance Loss – Fusion is designed to integrate the CAT® Work Tool and the Wheel Loader by pulling the coupler and tool closer to the loader. The result, the center of gravity is moved towards the machine increasing lifting ability.

Durability – An advanced wedging mechanism creates a tight, rattle-free fit. Resulting in less play and wear, and a longer service life.

Visibility – The open coupler frame design clears sight lines for the Operator making load carrying and attachment changing easier.

Work Tools

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The CAT® Wheel Loader is designed to fit a wide variety of CAT® Work tools and Allied Attachments to customize these machines for your
operation. Work Tools are available either with pin or quick coupler interface.

Performance Series Buckets

With Performance Series Buckets Operators benefit from reduced dig times and better material retention: which ultimately translates into significant productivity and fuel efficiency improvements.

Load Easy, Fuel Efficient, Carry More – Performance Series Buckets utilize a system-based approach to balance bucket shape with machines
linkage, weight, lift and tilt capacities.

Lower Operating Costs – The Performance Series Buckets feature a longer floor that easily digs through the pile and provides excellent load visibility for operators. Less time digging in the pile results in lower fuel consumption and unique spill guards protect the cab and linkage components from material overflow.

Higher Productivity – Able to achieve higher tilt factors – ranging from 100% to 115% depending on material type. The Performance Series Buckets feature curved side profiles to maximize load retention.

Integrated Technologies

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The CAT® Wheel Loader is fitted with CAT® Connect that makes use of technology and services to improve your job site efficiency.

  • Equipment Management – increase up-time and reduce operating costs
  • Productivity – monitor production and manage job site efficiency
  • Safety – enhance job site awareness to keep your people and equipment safe

CAT Product Link

Is a system that is deeply integrated into your CAT® machine, learn more how CAT Connect can benefit you visit our EMS Solutions page.


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CAT® Wheel Loaders can be fitted with specialized packages to preserve the life of your equipment in harsh job sites.

Aggregate Handler

Designed for specialized offerings for specific loose aggregate re handling applications, such as truck loading, hopper charging, stock piling, and load and carry. Re-handling loose aggregate is less stressful on the machine. Therefore payloads can be increased by installing a larger bucket, counterweights and a scale system

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Industrial And Waste Handler

Offer integrated guards to preserve the machine from harsh environment of scrap or waste handling application. These guards protect the Wheel Loaders major components to ensure durability and reliability.

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