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Alban CAT Hydraulics & Remanufacturing – Baltimore

8864 Citation Rd
Baltimore, MD 21221
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Getting the most out of heavy equipment and minimizing operating costs is a challenge for many companies in the Baltimore area. This often requires expert hydraulic repairs and machining, as well as using remanufactured parts and components. These options provide a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing brand new products.

As an experienced heavy equipment company serving Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region, Alban CAT can offer the right solution for your business. Our facilities include a fully equipped Hydraulics & Remanufacturing location in Baltimore, where we handle all types of machining and hydraulic repairs and perform multicomponent remanufacturing. Trust us to restore your parts, systems or components to like-new condition to improve your company’s productivity and bottom line.

Our Machining Services in Baltimore

Our Hydraulics & Remanufacturing facility features state-of-the-art tools and equipment to deliver high-precision machining services. With our equipment and expertise, we can repair your parts and components quickly and at a consistent quality. Our machining capabilities include grinding and polishing, boring and milling and lathe work. We also perform specialty machining services like retrofitting buckets and attachments and re-machining motor grader circles and paving rollers.

Hydraulic Service in Baltimore

Hydraulic systems are essential to the efficient operation of your heavy equipment. Our advanced hydraulic repair services in Baltimore can ensure these vital systems keep performing at their best. We can diagnose any problem with your hydraulics and quickly remedy the issue. We work with all system components including:

  • Cylinders: We perform tasks such as re-chroming, re-tubing and re-rodding cylinders and apply a wide range of thermal technologies.
  • Pumps, motors and valves: Our capabilities include repairing and rebuilding all leading brands of these critical hydraulic components.
  • Hose assemblies: Trust us to handle your low, medium and high-pressure hose assemblies.
  • Troubleshooting: With services like line cleaning and comprehensive inspections, we can help you avoid significant hydraulic system issues that can result in major equipment downtime and repair bills.

Equipment Remanufacturing

The Alban Reman Center in Baltimore can salvage your old parts and components and transform them into like-new products. We offer a variety of engine refurbishment plans ranging from basic reconditioning to certified rebuilds that involve the complete disassembly and replacement of all non-metal parts and components. Your rebuilt engine will meet all Caterpillar® quality and performance specifications.

We can assemble, disassemble, inspect, rebuild and test your machine’s transmission and perform complete hydrostatic power control unit (HPCU) services. With a fully equipped radiator shop, we also repair and rebuild radiators, aftercoolers, oil coolers and charge air coolers for any radiator size or brand.

Learn More About Our Hydraulics & Remanufacturing Services

You will find our hydraulics and remanufacturing shop at 8864 Citation Rd., just off Pulaski Highway in the Middle River area of Baltimore. Feel free to call us at 410-780-4507 or contact us online to learn more.

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8864 Citation Rd Baltimore, MD 21221

Mon - Fri: 6AM to 10PM | Sat: 6AM to 12PM



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