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CAT Telehandler on a construction site

Extend Your Reach

Alban CAT can maximize your reach on the job site with Telehandler Lifters and Aerial Work Platforms.

Giving you the power to work in tight spaces and the control to work at any height.

Alban CAT has the entire range of CAT Telehandler products, and Aerial Platforms to meet and exceed your reach solutions.

We carry the entire range of Cat telehandlers so that you have more choice and can select the machine that works perfectly for the aerial work you do. There is a Cat telehandler and serial lift that suits a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • Material handling
  • Storage and inventory
  • Acces over obstacles

Don’t waste time and effort trying to install fixed scaffolding and ladders that take time to move and reposition when you can buy a new telehandler or aerial lift that allows fast, safe and easy positioning wherever your crews need to get. We carry Cat equipment designed to be used:

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • In rough terrain
  • On slopes and inclines

Before you decide on a lift or telehandler, make sure you have considered all the locations and uses where you will need the machine. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you assess your requirements and point you to the perfect Cat aerial lift or telehandler for your application. You will quickly see why more and more businesses are choosing Cat equipment from Alban CAT.

CAT Telehandler being used in agriculture


Job sites like construction or agriculture all over the world rely on Telehandlers to move materials around and deliver to every part of your work zone – high or low. Telehandlers are designed to offer a stable base and versatile work platform what gives workers the space and stability they need to perform their work.

At Alban CAT we recognize that great performance isn’t enough, you need power, reliability, durability and flexibility built into your machines. This is what you will find designed and engineered into every piece of Cat equipment we sell. Add in low maintenance requirements and our unbeatable customer service and after-sales support, and you will understand how we’ve become one of the best names in the business.

Everything we do is driven by the knowledge that your Telehandler has to work all day, every day, and you need a Machine that will perform, and keep on performing. Thanks to the intuitive Caterpillar controls, you can quickly move your telehandler into position and adjust the boom to accommodate the elevated work you are doing. You also get the space, load capacity and safety features you need to ensure successful and efficient job completion.

Simply put, our Telehandlers are built for it.

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Genie Lift Workplatform

Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts offer you high performance and versatility, taking you higher on any job site with Industry-Leading Design.

Alban CAT has the Aerial platform that will fit your needs and boost productivity. Many businesses waste time and energy with inefficient ladders and scaffolding for aerial work. Instead of erecting, dismantling, moving and erecting again when you need to work in a different location, choose a versatile and reliable aerial platform that allows you to move into position effortlessly.

Aerial Lifts are exceptionally mobile, letting you maneuver in tight spaces, while providing increased workspace for larger loads and more workers to get the job done. You can load up your lift on the ground with the people, equipment and tools you need, rather than lifting several small loads at a time, thanks to the impressive load capacity of our inventory of lifts.

With the Aerial Lifts that can be deployed anywhere on the job site, they’re the perfect machines where platform space is critical. Many of our customers choose lifts for maintenance and inspection duties because of their speed, agility and reliability.

Maximize your workday and streamline all of your aerial work by choosing the new aerial lift from our selection here at Alban CAT. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a new lift to replace an existing one or searching for an aerial lift for the first time. Our team can help you find the perfect model.

Finding the Perfect Elevated Work Tool

You can start by browsing our selection or contact us for a quote. Tell us about the type of elevated work you do, and we will guide you to the ideal new Cat telehandler or aerial lift for your application.

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