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Alban CAT GENIE Z-BoomUp, Around and Over

Alban CAT offers a single point of contact to get aerial work platforms onto your job site.

Our aerial lifts give you the reach and reliable performance you need to get the job done with a range of articulating and telescopic boom lifts.

Z™-Boom Lifts have the ultimate up, our and over positing capabilities, and the telescopic S™-Boom Lifts with superior horizontal outreach,

These machines are built for inside, outdoor or rough terrain application Boom Lifts are available for every job you need to get done.

Alban CAT GENIE S-Boom at full reachAlban CAT GENIE TraxS™-Boom Lifts

Telescopic S-Boom Lifts give you exceptional horizontal reach, with the traction and drive speed you need around the job site.

Perfect for areas with limited access in construction and industrial applications.


  • Active oscillation system auto sense the terrain and adjusts the axle position for increased stability
  • Positive traction drive maintains drive to all wheels with two-wheel or four-wheel speeds
  • Extended lift capacity up to 1,250lbs
  • Aerial Platform has 360 continuous turntable
  • Reduced tail-swing for tight work areas
  • Convenient service with swing out engine

Optional Features

  • Dual-engine gasoline for outdoor operations LPG for interior use
  • Super-Boom machines have maximum reach of up to 80ft

Alban CAT GENIE Z-Boom LiftAlban CAT GENIE All-Terrain Z-BoomAlban CAT GENIE Z-Boom TrailerZ™-Boom Lifts

Articulating Z-Boom Lifts provide a versatile aerial work platform with an amazing combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities and extensive outreach.

Z-Boom Lifts can be fitted to a number of different work bases, narrow, trailer and all-terrain. With Electrical, Bi-Energy and Diesel drive systems.

Common Features

  • Self-leveling aerial work platform that rotates 90 degrees to either side
  • Proportional controls allows you to control the speed and function, to make precise adjustments in tight areas
  • Up and over reach ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Zero tail-swing
  • Service hatches and pull out drive trains for easy maintenance
  • Soft-riding pneumatic tires
  • Some DC units offer on-board charging direct from an AC input
  • Bi-energy models will power the lift even when the primary battery is discharged

Narrow Base Features

  • Proportional lift and drive controls allow for precise positioning of equipment
  • Narrow wheel base increases tight access maneuverability down aisles and standard doors
  • Almost zero turning radius
  • Reliable Electric drive system from 48V DC engine, with models featuring an AC drive system

All-Terrain Features

  • Full-time positive drive traction with oscillating axles work together to provide rough terrain stability
  • Common components and same drive systems as the S-Boom Lift
  • Some units come with 4-wheel drive and braking, and 4-wheel steer

Trailer Features

  • Compact build and lightweight for easy maneuvering in congested work areas
  • Variety of hitch configurations
  • Hydraulic outriggers and auto self-leveling
  • Ground and platform controls
  • Easy access panel for a simple service
  • Flexible work-range with articulating jib that adds an extra 4ft of horizontal reach

Optional Features

  • Non-marking air or foam filled tires
  • Extra working range with an out-and-up articulating jib
  • Flashing beacon lights
  • Aerial Work platforms customized for your job – contact us for details

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