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Roadhog AttachmentsAlban CAT Roadhog Cold PlanerAlban CAT Roadhog Cold PlanerRoadHog hydraulic cold planers offer high production at a substantially lower cost of small, dedicated milling machines. These machines are widely used around the US and abroad by paving contractors and municipalities alike for small milling projects, which include pothole repair of city streets, removing failed pavement and milling curb lines prior to overlay.

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Roadhog Cold Planer Usage

Utility and pipe contractors also use them to open trenches prior to repairing or replacing gas, water or sewer lines at a lower cost per foot versus a walk behind saw.

Another advantage of using a RoadHog in this application is that each side of the trench is cut simultaneously while the pavement is recycled on
site thus eliminating the need to load and truck the material to be recycled elsewhere at a fee. The savings in labor and fuel along with the material, which can be used immediately for back-fill, will directly impact job profits.

Roadhog Cold Planer In Action

Watch a RoadHog G5 Cold Planers in action

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A Closer Look:

  • RoadHog can open up to 800 feet of trench in 40 minutes.
  • Simultaneous cut a straight edge & recycle asphalt material into useable product.
  • Edge of cut produced by RoadHog has up to 25% more bonding strength with repair than a saw cut edge.
  • Self-Contained diesel powered cold planers. No hydraulic lines or electric cables needed. Controls are operated via a wireless control box.
  • No subcontractors. No saw cutting. Reduce and possibly eliminate loading, hauling, related fuel costs & disposal fees.
  • Recycled product can be used in many cases for backfill, base construction, patch work, temporary parking, etc.
  • Traffic can drive over milled trench where product left in place.
  • One machine with a RoadHog attachment, bucket & forks and open trench, stage pipe & backfill reducing the amount of equipment needed on job.

Roadhog Milling Equipment

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