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New Cat® Articulated Dump Trucks for Sale

Moving loose materials can be a time-consuming and challenging aspect of construction projects — if you don’t have the right equipment. That’s why articulated trucks are so important to construction crews and to specific projects. The right articulated truck can bring efficiency to the movement of large amounts of loose materials at mining and construction sites, allowing for the quick movement of materials so work can continue at a productive pace.

At Alban CAT, we offer a wide selection of new articulated dump trucks that can allow you and your team to do its best work. Cat Articulated Trucks are able to handle a variety of jobsite applications and underfoot conditions. Combining the reliability and power of Cat with automotive style, intuitive access controls and easy-access service points. These trucks allow more time to focus on work, providing you the best return on your investment. Make sure your work is able to reach its full potential when you choose new Cat articulated trucks for sale from Alban CAT.

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Get the Capabilities You Require

How much heavy lifting do you need to do? Different construction teams need different specifications and capabilities from new articulated dump trucks, which is why we offer a vast selection of different options. When you evaluate the selection of new articulated trucks for sale that you’ll find at Alban CAT, you’ll see a range of engine models, gross powers, net powers, features, functions and capabilities. This spectrum of options means that you’re able to quickly identify an articulated truck that will meet your exact needs.

It’s hard to get by on a project using equipment that only represents a half solution or that isn’t able to complete a key task. When you shop a wide selection of new Cat articulated trucks for sale, you’re able to secure the right equipment to get the job done while delivering outstanding results.

Why Choose Articulated Trucks?

Why are articulated trucks so popular in the first place? They are known most of all for their frames that won't twist. They are able to carry heavy loads even over rough terrains without losing their shape over time. If you try to use a traditional dump truck to carry the same heavy load over a rough terrain, its frame will twist and warp in a way that makes it unusable over time.

Choosing your best option from among new articulated dump trucks also means that you get greater maneuverability. Construction work often takes place on strangely shaped plots of land that include tight spaces. New articulated trucks for sale help you navigated those strange plots and tight spaces so you can get materials wherever they need to go.

Discover a Huge Selection at Alban CAT

There’s no place like Alban CAT to find new articulated trucks in Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington D.C. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices you can count on to perform over the long-term. We also offer a wide range of other heavy-duty equipment, including small skid steers, large mining machines, power systems, marine or industrial engines and much more.

No matter the nature of your work and your equipment needs, you’ll find a range of options and outstanding customer service when you choose Alban CAT. Request a quote today.

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