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CAT® 982M Wheel LoaderCAT® 966M Wheel LoaderCat® Medium Wheel Loaders are designed to handle a variety of jobs on your worksite from material handling and truck loading, to general construction, to stockpiling.

With a spacious cab and low effort controls, operators will be in a comfortable and productive working environment.

What types of materials do you have to move on a daily basis? Whether it’s gravel, dirt, asphalt, minerals or anything else that packs a heavy load. The reliability, durability, and versatility of our medium front loaders meets your needs and exceed them.

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  • Performance Series buckets with spill guard improves productivity
  • External disk parking brake for easy access
  • Lockup clutch torque converter with single clutch lock-to-lock shifting for improved acceleration and efficiency


  • CAT® lines and hoses are separated to reduce leaks from hoses rubbing together.
  • Steel front fenders for maximum durability

Operator Efficiency

  • Joystick steering with force feedback precision control for decreased operator arm fatigue; no second system needed
  • In-cylinder snubbing reduces stress to operators and structures while steering
  • Viscous cab mounts reduce vibration
  • Vertically split windows for communication to people on ground
  • Touch screen multi-function color display with integrated controls rearview camera, and scale system for improved operator performance


  • 4-post cab design for better visibility
  • Front hinged wide door with 15˚ LH ladder for stairlike entry and exit
  • Ample grab bars, guard rails, window-cleaning platform
  • Remote door opening optional

Machine Performance

Applying proven technologies systematically and strategically meet our customer’s high expectations for productivity and fuel efficiency. Deep system integration, with economy mode, results in reduced emissions, improved performance, and improved fuel economy all while making it seamless and simple for operators.

Your Advantage

  • Low estimated total new parts cost.
  • Global network of more than 200 dealers for best in class product support beyond the initial sale
  • Rebuild capability – no need to trade out before end of first life, meaning better resale value in the future
  • Higher auction value estimates for a 10-year ownership period; better resale value
  • Cat Production Measurement reports daily production into VisionLink® allowing better fleet management

CAT® Wheel Loaders

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