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Next Gen CAT D6 DozersIntroducing The Next Gen CAT® D6 Dozers
Your Choices Have Never Been Better

No matter how you envision the future, there’s a Next Generation Cat® Dozer that’s right for your business. Get the new D6 when you need reliability, fuel savings and low maintenance costs in an easy-to-operate machine. Or go with the D6 XE Electric Drive Dozer for best-in-class productivity and fuel efficiency from first cut to finish grade.

+ Up To 50% More Productivity – See big gains right away using standard Slope Indicate and Cat Grade with Slope Assist. Add optional Cat Grade with 3D for even faster, more accurate work.

+ Up to 35% Better Fuel Efficiency – Do more with every tank, thanks to the D6’s high-efficiency powertrain and fully automatic shifting or the D6 XE’s high drive electric drive system.

+ Up To 25% Lower Maintenance Costs – Save time and money with longer intervals, fewer filters, less fluid, easy service access, a highly reliable fuel system and a standard reversing fan.

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Discover the new features of the Next Generation of CAT® D6 Dozers by taking our Virtual Tour.

CAT® D6 XE Electric Drive Dozer

This CAT® D6 XE Electric Drive Dozer, is a next-generation CAT® Machine that offers a choice of advanced power train: the D6 XE with Electric Drive or the D6 with a fully automatic 4-speed power shift transmission.

CAT D6 XE Electric Drive Dozer

Move The Earth Without Costing The Earth

The D6 XE is the world’s first high drive Electric Drive dozer, offering up to 35% better fuel efficiency and increased agility compared to the previous 3-speed model D6T. Constant power to the ground, continuous push and greater maneuverability mean faster cycle times, making Electric Drive a top choice to achieve the highest level of productivity and fuel efficiency. Added D6 XE productivity and reduced fuel cost mean customers looking for these benefits can expect to see payback of the added investment over a D6 in as little as two years.

For full details talk to your Alban CAT Equipment Rep, call us on 1.888.492.6337 or use the contact form below

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CAT D6 Next Gen Dozers

CAT D6 Next Gen Dozer Specs

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For more details about the CAT® Next Gen D6 Dozers, contact your Alban Cat Equipment Rep or call us at 1.888.492.6337, or use the contact form below.

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